Urgent: How to Recognize and Resist Tyranny

With the trend of dictates and other regime type hullaballoo going on, threatening to upend everything we the people have known (being born free), I thought we might share some eye-openers here on Veterans Day.

This will be at times encouraging, and at times convicting. Only the emotionally mature should dare continue, but by the end you will be armed with truth, and you will know why Patriots have the right and the sacred duty to resist all tyranny.

We have been led like sheep to a place where we think we have no choices.

Many American parents, though patriotic, have been sufficiently frightened through fearmongering propaganda. So that now they have, through these demoralizing ‘news’ segments and threats (mandates are commands—chew on that), reached a point of desperation. They now say things like: ‘I don’t want to comply, but I will do anything to provide for my children.’

This is precisely where our overlords have meant to lead you. To this place of desperation. A point of no return. They want you so desperate to provide, that you will do what they command you to do, even though reason and better judgement tell you not to. Even though our Constitution and the Nuremberg Code provide lawful protection against compulsory jabs, and even though we possess certain inalienable rights provided by our Creator.

Because their incessant social engineering and terrifying propaganda has pushed you into this corner, you think you have no choice. You know your child’s welfare is paramount, and so, as a loving parent, you think of their needs first.

But this backed-into-a-corner feeling, driving you to submission, is precisely what the Jews felt as they were herded onto those trains. ‘Well,’ they thought ‘we have no choice. If we want to eat and provide for our children, we must go to these work camps.’

We know how that went. But we can choose a better path. We have options.

Scores of populations have been where you are right now. They thought they had no choice. And they caved. And they suffered and died. And their children had all their liberties and even their futures decimated.

When you feel you have no choice but to comply, if you think your caving into authoritarian demands is best for your children, you are dead wrong. You are not saving them by giving in to tyranny.


By giving in and complying with nonsense mandates, you are not only showing the tyrants that you will cave (and once, then always), but you are showing your children that you are willing to sacrifice liberty for scraps of food. Remember, compliance comes with no guarantees, except that you will be expected to continue complying forever.

And then, your children would do the same. They would belong to the tyrants. Because you gave in, because you fell for the lying propaganda and felt you had no other choice, they would have no other choice but to follow the imposed path of submission to those who do not care about them.

Most Importantly: Do not let them jab your children. There are no long term studies on these experimental tech jabs, but there are already millions of reports of adverse side-effects, and tens of thousands of deaths across the globe.

You do have a choice. We all do.

Read our Declaration, and discovery why we had to declare our separation from the shackles of King George’s overreaching government. Read our Constitution, and learn that we have many protected rights, and that our overlords in DC have violated most of them. They are traitors. Their fate is sealed. Read John Locke’s Second Essay Concerning Civil Government, Chapter XIII: On the Subordination of the Powers of the Commonwealth.

In this brilliant essay, he explains the natural (God-given) rights every human being possesses, and how we as a people can exercise these rights to protect us from representative government heads that presume to take more authority and power than we have given them. In fact, it is this seminal work that partially inspired our Founders in creating a constitutional republic.

Communicate with your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers (or former co-workers), church fellows and others. Make your voice hear, demand from your senators and governors, your chamber of commerce, your lawyers, that your rights be protected. Assert what God has given us and the constitution promises us to preserve.

And congress shall make no laws abridging the free exercise thereof!’

And remember, our veterans fought to stem the tide of communism. They placed their lives on the line, their bodies in the line of fire, to keep commies from spreading their vile deceptions and false claims across the globe. And they were successful, for years their sacrifices kept us free and safe. But today, communism is in America. It is in DC. It is in every dictate they hand down, in every article they print, in every clip they air on their MSM propaganda networks.

Do not fall for it. Thank our vets. And know that every compromise you make, every time you comply or even feel the chill hand of fear because the scum presuming to rule over us, you spit in the face of our noble vets.

So resist tyranny. Do not comply with the lie.

I cover all this and much more, buttressed with encouraging scripture and resources, in THE PATRIOT RESOLVES. Read it, discover truths, what liberties you have, and what you can do to keep them. Now we must fight, by the grace of Almighty God, to keep a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, strong on the face of the earth.

Thank you, veterans. You are the real heroes.

Know also that right now, hundreds of lawsuits are being delivered, suing the administration for unlawful actions against the people. Navy seals are suing the pentagon and dod for the illogical and overreaching mandates. Many states are passing laws to protect their constituents’ liberties, preventing the fed from enforcing these nazi dictates in their states, including NC, Arizona, Texas, Florida, etc. That is part of the brilliance of our founders. They knew that if, by some outside chance, the federal government ever became overrun with power-mad dogs like the pelosi’s and clintons and so many others, that the state governments should have power to protect themselves from federal overreach.

All along, the churches should have been preaching liberty in Christ, Galatians 5:1 ‘STAND THEREFORE, IN THE LIBERTY BY WHICH CHRIST HAS MADE US FREE, AND DO NOT BE ENTANGLED AGAIN WITH A YOKE OF BONDAGE.’ They should have encouraged prayer groups and prayer warriors, preached national repentance, and taken a stand against tyranny. The apostles did.

Instead, our pastors locked down the churches, then limited their capacity, told Christians to be entangled with a yoke of bondage, in the fearful guise of a mask.

But our help still comes from God, maker of heaven and earth. And if we repent and turn back to Him, He will cause us to pillage those who have pillaged us, to plunder the enemies who have plundered us (Ezekiel 39:10). Indeed, He will cause us to triumph.

So make you stand, and know you are not alone, and our Redeemer has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Amen!

The Patriot Resolves, Part 8: We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Gooday again you lovely patriots!

In this work we offer the latest free chapter from THE PATRIOT RESOLVES. And this one is a monster. Here we reveal many wonderful, encouraging rights We the Pissed Off People possess, and how, in tandem with the grace of God, we can exercise these rights–(to exorcise our enemies?).

I hope it you find revelatory exhortation in it. (Remember, the paperback version on Amazon includes over 100 footnotes, which, as reviewers have pointed out, add value and source, along with links.) Without further ado . . .

Chapter 8: We’re Not Gonna Take it Anymore

‘Did you know that we the people have the freedom to submit the united application of all who are aggrieved, that all may happily obtain redress? That’s right.

Moreover, we possess the civil right and moral duty to investigate and demand answers to the actions of our magistrates. Republics derive their strength and vigor by a united examination by its people into the actions of its representatives.

We do not owe them anything. They owe us.

Oppressed people have rights, no matter they are being oppressed.

Their resistance is an act of desperation by an entire community, which, after much suffering and deliberation, feels itself betrayed by rulers who claim constitutional authority . . . they will always have a right to preserve what they have not a power to part with, and to rid themselves of those who invade this fundamental, sacred, and unalterable law of self-preservation.’

Clearly, i seek to provoke and inspire a spirit of inquiry into your rights and privileges.

Know this: By God’s grace, we-the-people still have the power to turn the tides.

We outnumber them. We are now armed in every way. This is our homeland, and as history has proven (including our own Revolution and the wars in Vietnam and Korea), those fighting for their home possess tremendous psychological advantage. We are entrenched, fighting for the most basic liberty: the right to make decisions about our lives, ourselves.

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

It is high time we look to the old ways, where the good paths are. American history bursts with examples of the people overcoming seemingly overwhelming odds. Always, they looked to Providence. If you can receive this, and act on it, you will receive what you seek.

Let me give you a ‘what if’ example of the immense power we-the-people still possess, by His grace.

If tomorrow the majority of Americans, in every sector and walk of life, went about their day mask-free, we would show by this united front that the Fourth Reich has no power over us. In this act of quiet rebellion (which would not have even been noted for all history up until April 2020), we would end their mask narrative with a single nonviolent stroke.

They could not possibly enforce their mask mandates on 300,000,000 free people.

Boom, that slice of oppression is over.

And with instant mass communication available to us, we could coordinate it.

Thinking smaller, every time you go out, consider taking as many friends and family as you can, and every one of you go mask free. This would not only lighten the burden of fear of reprisal on each other, as we are taught to do in scripture, but would also inspire our fellow citizens. We must always strive to be examples.

Understand, this masking is their party symbol, and the only visual symptom of their pandemic.

Without it, their narrative crumbles. It is not like the Spanish Flu, or Bubonic Plague, where people were dropping like flies. Dead in the streets. Mass burials. (These diseases also came with visible symptoms, and if you did not need any test to know if someone had the plague. It was obvious.)

UPDATE: While writing this, they finally realized there was no incentive behind their ‘vaccines’, as they did not appear to offer anything more than marginal resistance, and a ‘vaccinated’ individual would still be commanded to mask along with all the other mandated hoopla. So, they incentivized the ‘vaccine’, just as they did with their manufactured pandemic. Now, so say covidans, those who vaccinate can drop the mask.

By incentivizing the ‘vaccine’ with an offer of apparent liberation, they motivate reluctant/resistant people into doing what their reasoning minds have thus far protected them from doing.

Now, in saying vaccinated people can doff the mask, they create an unnatural visual distinction between those who submit to the covidan regime, and those who do not. Once again, we see the EOH manufacturing division. In such a case, masks would then become a symbol of dissidence, identifying the rebellious. They will be blamed for mass spreading events, and marginalized. Sheeple will be motivated by propaganda to publicly vilify these libeled labeled resistors (MSM will of course show how to do this by example, and reinforce with constant puff pieces on their Thule networks).

Masks would become the armbands Jews were forced to wear during the holocaust.

Naturally, if others are ‘allowed’ to toss them, these resistors—who already hate the mask and never believed in its efficacy—would also just toss them away. So, covidans will need something to keep these symbols on the mugs of resistors. Enter the ID chip, or covid passport or equivalent. Already Chinese EOH are ahead on this devious plot. Without the covid chip, you cannot work, you cannot make purchases, you cannot travel or access anything. Businesses, also incentivized by the regime, would enforce ‘vaccine’ mandates.

Never in history have we been forced to vaccinate (on such massive scales, and with no actual science or logic behind it, and with not actual vaccine available).

But we are American. We did not submit to British rule when the Coercive Acts came down. We did not back down from Hitler when he had half of Europe cowed or encamped. We survived 2 world wars and thrived despite their carnage. We sent missionaries to most of the countries of the globe, seeking to save the lost and oppressed. Countless wars on foreign soil, a Cold War, and a Civil War that could have torn us asunder, had we not the Solid Rock to guide us back in healing.

The sine qua non of a successful revolution is the willingness of a sufficient number of people to take up arms against an unelected imperial government that no longer serves the common good.

We speak here not of guns, but of knowledge of all our God-given and constitutionally protected rights, including the right to demand redress of grievances caused by absolute tyranny, as outlined in our Declaration.

There remains in the people a supreme power to remove or alter the legislative, when they find the legislative acting contrary to the trust reposed in them. For all power given with trust for the attaining an end being limited by that end, whenever that end is manifestly neglected or opposed, the trust must necessarily be forfeited, and the power devolve into the hands of those that gave it, who may place it anew where they shall think best for their safety and security. And thus the community perpetually retains a supreme power of saving themselves from the attempts and designs of anybody, even of their legislators, whenever they shall be so foolish or so wicked as to lay and carry on designs against the liberties and properties of the subject.

Check that out. Isn’t it empowering to discover such true and hopeful things—and from history. Oh, so much more satisfying and inspirational than listening to trite cliches of celebs and social justice warriors, who don’t even know history. Much less the glib diatribes and phony claims of bad actors in militarized D.C.

You see now all these historical examples—both of what oppressors did, and of what victorious revolutionaries accomplished—come into play, and how, sadly, so many oppressed in the last century knew none of these histories. But we do, now.

1 Point: It should be noted that John Locke, like so many otherwise astute philosophers throughout history, lacked in 1 critical area: his relationship with Christ. He touched on morals and shared talking points on importance of religious tolerance, but lacked a firm grasp of the true power behind his topic. Like so many of his fellow truth-seekers and even statesmen of history, he failed to understand that men can do nothing apart from a gracious Provider. It is only by grace that we are saved.

You cannot even take a single breath without the grace of your Creator. That’s right.

To know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, is the highest liberty and the only path to true and lasting deliverance, in this life and echoing on into eternity.

Consider our own Revolution, so long ago. Do you really believe a poorly-armed, inexperienced militia could have taken on and repelled the most powerful Empire in the world at that time, without seeking and receiving the Judge Divine fighting for them?

Indeed, as illumined through Gideon’s army, God wants to show His hand at work, to show that He fights for us.

In a million little ways, and in dozens of world-shaping moves, He worked through those who trusted in Him, and crafted something new and mighty and beautiful and blessed, and called it good. Here is the Way: it was through prayer.

We have forgotten that a man, praying on his knees before the Almighty, is more powerful than any carnal army or political weapon. Our Founders knew this. Honest history books are filled with examples and references of colonials beseeching the Almighty, from wood-paneled rooms of the Continental Congress to rotting Fort Ticonderoga, General Washington and all the Signers and soldiers took daily to their knees in prayer.

And the God who hears, answered mightily. Most of the quotes from our Founders seem to be about prayer and trusting in Providence.

God cares for you, works through you, lifting you up, leading you with gentle wise hands and infinite wisdom, showing you how and what, and giving you all you need to accomplish what you could not do without Him.

In peaceful resistance of a large number of patriots, who, in the name of a higher political principal, refuse to recognize the legitimacy of an institution they perceive to be an instrument of general oppression, you have a force for good change and restoration. Our enemies should be careful and realize they are dealing with men and women ‘driven to a state of desperation by the oppressive hand of tyranny and the lawless violence of arbitrary power.

Another fine quote, and another example of a thinker touching on something great without sensing the divine hand behind it, or the need of divine guidance.

Yes, i am using inculcation, repetition to reinforce a prime point: that only in acknowledging Him again do we have any hope of restoring this land that we love.

Do you believe yet that it is possible to save America? Are you still a doubter? If nothing else, i trust you have at least awakened to the fact that America needs salvation and restoration.

Here’s a quote from a mighty man of God, a man whose every breath expelled truth into the world, who healed the sick, cast out unclean spirits and even raised the dead:

There is nothing impossible with God. All the impossibility is with us when we measure God by the limitations of our unbelief.’

This giant of faith said also: ‘Great faith is the product of great fights. Great testimonies are the outcome of great tests. Great triumphs can only come out of great trials.’ Also: ‘God wants us so badly that He has made the condition as simple as He possibly could: Only believe.

Are you there yet? Some will receive these tidings and rejoice. Others will sneer and reject and continue being deceived by the world. They are the haters who eat at the feet of their human masters; not scraps of food but piles of lies. These are those who may give sneering reviews of this American document because they deny the truth at every turn, and sadly always will. This is not for them. This is for those of you who are capable of being roused to the truth.

From those others, we are commanded to come out, and be different. We are commanded to love our neighbors, but then if/when they continue to reject the Way, then we are called to shake their dust off our feet. We have done our duty by them. Our conscience is clear. We offer them the seed of salvation, the Way. If they reject it, their fate is between them and God.

(Contrast that with Islam, their Koran teaching its followers to ‘deal sternly with infidels, that their home may be in hell’, infidels here referring to those who refuse to be converted. The Holy Bible arms us with truth and hope, soldiers of Christ with faith and love, engaging in spiritual warfare. The Koran teaches a militant faith. This is proof that religions are not all the same, and why tolerance for all things is in some cases dangerous to our health and eternal souls.)

Look to the Lord of Mercy for the salvation of our nation. Revival, brothers and sisters. Hearts on fire for God!

It will culminate in the White House, but it must begin in the House of God.

Our spiritual leaders have replaced joy and power with entertainment. Leonard Ravenhill said that entertainment in the church is Satan’s substitute for joy.

Decades ago, this man of God wrote a brilliant, terrifying book, designed to warn America that if the church did not repent of her falling away and turn back to God, then America would die. He provided a timetable of the decline of empires:

  • From bondage to faith, from faith to courage
  • From courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance
  • From abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency
  • From complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence
  • From dependence to bondage

America is in that final stage right now. So many now depend on stimulus checks and unemployment benefits and welfare.

The man who refuses to assert his right to life, liberty, and property, is a traitor to freedom. After all, if we give up those rights and liberty Christ purchased for and bestowed on us, we will dishonor Christ; such ingratitude would invite His just punishments.

The Reverend Eliot in 1774 advised: ‘Where rulers pervert their power to tyrannical purposes; when they evidently encroach on natural and constitutional rights; when they trample on those laws which were made to limit the regal power, and defend the people, submission, if it can be avoided, is so far from being a duty, that it is a crime . . .It is an offense against God, who is good to all, and who has appointed government for the welfare and happiness—and not for the destruction—of His creatures.’

When Parliament passed the Coercive Acts, the people responded appropriately, with armed resistance, justified. These Acts were designed not to protect the people’s basic rights, but to punish them:

When punishments are mediated and inflicted to gratify revenge, or merely to show power and superiority; or when they greatly exceed the demerit of the crime; or involve a whole community in distress for the offenses of a few; when acts are made and continued, yea, and enforced by military power, which in general are considered as unconstitutional and grievous; all these are instances of oppression’—a colonial Founder.

We must oppose the most despotic court and congress to ever disgrace this great land. Every American determined to reinstate your freedoms must oppose every arbitrary and unconstitutional act of corrupt legislatures and little dictators who stole their way into our seats of government. These villains have stolen the public wealth, seek to steal all private wealth, betray our history, shackle our constitution, muzzle us, and enslave us to their ungodly Agenda, subvert our religious freedoms, and destroy the glory and honor of industry and the shared benefits of healthy commerce.

If power comes from the people, then it is up to ordinary citizens of America to take back that power and depose illegitimate usurpers. We cannot sit idly by while they silence us, tell us what to think, who to believe, who to hate and who to obey.

Do not allow yourselves to be silenced, censored, disarmed, and muzzled. In every way, at all times, on every platform and among every throng, assert your voice, proclaim your rights, demand to be heard. Question their every questionable act and word. Always striving to unite with as many of your fellow patriots as possible.

President John Adams:

‘We should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our Liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections. If an election is to be determined by a majority of a single vote, and that can be procured by a party through artifice or corruption, the Government may be the choice of a party for its own ends, not of the nation for the national good.’

 This wise president was also a godly man, who understood the importance of religion:

Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion.’

Before we close this chapter and head into the final laps, wherein lies our Path, i should like to reiterate that everything so far has been from history and holy scripture, that no opinion has been necessary, and no bias indulged.

To survive the ravages of time and the assaults of revisionists, American documents must of a necessity be free of opinion and substantial in evidence. All the efforts of America’s truth tellers have failed to stop our enemies, and failed to save us, because they fail to dig to the root cause. Ravenhill warned against a failing church. As you have learned, what concerns the church, concerns the nation: as the church falls, so falls the nation:

You are hearing more about men than you hear about God. You’re getting more human vision than the vision of Almighty God. -Leonard Ravenhill

The Patriot Resolves is not a product of hatred or bias; because i love my fellow Americans, whom i hear crying out, i asked God to raise up someone who would share vital truths to open America’s eyes and lead them back to Him.

I thought it should be someone famous, influential, someone holy and wise.

Instead, the Holy Spirit prompted me to write. That is why Holy Spirit is capitalized, and ‘i’ am not. Despite my countless failures, our heavenly Father crafted in me all the elements He needed to supply this work: a knowledge of American history, love for compatriots, deep study of dictator history, time, years of experience in writing, and finally the necessary dependence on His divine guidance to call for independence once again from our tyrannical enemy.

If He can work this through me, chief among sinners, then i know He can do great and mighty works through you.

Let us discover precisely how, America.’