Bogus: False Narratives and Propaganda Exposed


‘Not my president’ rallies.

Violent disruptions at Trump rallies in California, Minnesota, Tennessee and Florida.

Anti-Trump tax protests.

‘Calls for Impeachment’ demonstrations

In Portland, mobs threw rocks, lead balls, soda cans, glass bottles, and incendiary devices.

In Minnesota protestors threw smoke bombs into a pro-Trump crowd. Others set off fireworks in the state capitol building.

That all took place in the first four months of 2017. But it sounds awfully familiar.

Violence as a political strategy.

Socialists have always advocated the use of violence to achieve their ends—which in this case is clear as day: the complete upheaval of our democracy. Fear is a powerful tactic, employed by socialist, fascist, and communist dictators for the last 100 years.

Observe the desperation, the violent subversion of American liberties to which our enemies resort. Trump postponed their agenda by 4 years. Now that the clock is winding down again, they are ramping up their fascist techniques. ‘If you don’t agree with us, you are wrong’ they are saying through their violent demonstrations, protestations of everything, and ccp-funded propaganda.

Regimes always start this way.

Mussolini’s Italy. Stalin’s Sovietization. Mao’s Great Leap Forward, Hitler’s ethnic cleansing, and dozens of other programs based on the teachings of Marx and Engel.

They all began their rise to totalitarianism through suppression of all opposing opinions.

We are seeing this now. The party that has taken its name from the final page of the Communist Manifesto—the Democratic Socialists—doesn’t need government agencies to accomplish this. They control the three most powerful megaphones in our society today: academia, the media, and Hollywood.

Have you noticed how celebrities are often used by the media to promote socialist agenda? In the rare case a patriotic celeb presumes to share a viewpoint that doesn’t jibe with the Dem-Soc narrative, their character is attacked and they lose their standing in Hollywood.

Suppression of diverse viewpoints. The mark of all socialist and fascist regimes.

Listen, I care deeply for America and my fellow Americans. I love this land. I hate politics. (Even worse than politics is politics in sports. It defeats the whole purpose of sporting events, which is to distract us from politics!)

My concern for my fellow patriots, suffering under this growing regime and its attacks on our president and capitalism and democracy and the church, compelled me to write an exposé.

bogus book cover

This short exposé is designed only to help all of us identify false narratives and propaganda. It is not a libelous work. It is not designed to condemn any one person, or even democrats or republicans, but rather to expose the dangerous work being carried out by a small-and-increasingly powerful faction in America today. It concerns all thinking Americans.

Amazon, to my surprise, agreed to publish it. However, when I crafted an ad campaign, their moderators asked me to moderate it, rejecting the political nature of the ad. Their excuse for this suppression is as follows:

Your ad titled “————- no longer complies with our current Creative Acceptance Policies. Specifically for the following reasons:

  • Your ad contains content that is prohibited from advertising. Please remove any content related to political campaigns, elections, or political issues of public debate; that advocates for or against a politician or a political party; or that personally attacks a political figure.

Some of which is, well, bogus. BOGUS does not personally attack any political figure. It is designed only to help Americans recognize what is going on all around us.’

I sincerely hope you find revelations within its pages. It is written by an American for Americans, and it is buttressed by Scripture and historical parallells.

BOGUS: The New Terror Manufactured By America’s Insidious Enemies

God bless all true patriots