Marketing Cheaply Outside the Box


One of a Kind Marketing

There are countless posts and pages giving tips and guidance and advice on marketing, like:

So what freshness could I possibly share with you? One of the free keys, I believe.

Success in any endeavor requires devotion and razor-focus. You cannot dabble in writing.

The same rules apply to marketing: you can’t dabble in it. With the same creative attention I give to writing, I am now beginning to give to marketing. And for the first time, my melon is churning out creative marketing ideas. BAM!

Smarter peeps than myself may be able to do both simultaneously. But if you’re like me, you may have to separate the various aspects of your writing career to find the inspiration and focus you need to excel in each endeavor.

  • Writing
  • Editing/Revising
  • Submitting/Publishing
  • Marketing/Advertising

The same passion you apply to your writing, you should apply to these other aspects. You might be surprised to find your idea factory switching gears and churning out topping schemes.

As a carpenter, I’m gearing toward fine woodworking as a marketing pick-me-up. For example, my brother says he would display some of my paperbacks at his business. So I’m building a small unique book display for W.A.N.D., my YA fantasy. Made of wood, it will not simply support the novel, but I’ll have a pair of wands springing up either side of the book, with a curved wooden banner spanning the top, with the word WAND printed out. I’m hoping that will grab attention.

magic wand with arcane figures

What is your esoteric skill completely unrelated to writing? Whatever it is, use it. Your uniqueness will help you stand out. Don’t just think outside the box—make your own box!

The No. 1 Reason Your Kindle E-Books are not Selling

You follow all the expert advice you can find. You perform every last task, from editing to book description polishing to Goodreads promotions. You’ve even gone through the effort of setting up a writing blog and started blogging about writing. But despite all your hard work, you only have a trickle of e-book sales coming in. What gives?

Great Kindle E-Books

You’ve been writing long enough that your Kindle e-books are of high-quality, from three-dimensional characterizations to solid plot to consistent descriptions to fluid viewpoint transitions. Your work may not be quite up to snuff with the big dogs like Martin, Maas, Taylor, and Sanderson, but it is clearly superior to most of the self-published dreck out there.

And yet those best-selling novelists and your inferior quality classmates are all selling more books than you. It’s infuriating!

Ninety percent of the time, the reason this happens is because of lack of exposure. Continue reading “The No. 1 Reason Your Kindle E-Books are not Selling”