How to Optimize Your Ebook in 3 Steps

So, your epic masterpiece is finished, is it? Not so fast, speedy McGee. There are a few vital elements you need to add to that beast to give it that crucial edge over the thousands of other manuscripts currently logging space in the self-publishing world.

The Golden Keys to Success

I discovered these keys (through advice columns of older, wiser, and successful self-published writers) only after publishing 10 or so books and short stories. Now I am busy inserting them into my manuscripts to revivify those buggers. Here, in no particular order, are the tips to include in your MS:

  • Links (this a ‘duh’ one that I should’ve figured out on my own.
  • Gentle request for a review (an honest and good review, right?)
  • Lead-in to extra, FREE, content

Now let’s explore each one of these with a smidgen more detail so that we can intelligently apply them. Continue reading “How to Optimize Your Ebook in 3 Steps”