How to Write a Young Adult Fantasy Novel Like a Boss

There comes a time in every writer’s career when he/she must throw caution to the wind and offer the world a peek into his/her deepest imaginings.

This is where W.A.N.D. comes in. I had a blast writing this fantasy. Some of its pages and scenes are products of the dark haunted corners of my psyche, places where I would not normally venture. But I believe these ventures have resulted in some riveting scenes, and I wish to use my experience in writing this particular book (my eleventh or maybe twelfth) to help other, slightly less-experienced writers along their journey.

With some 50,000 books published each year (that’s only the traditionally published ones, mind), it is incredibly difficult to produce a novel novel. To do so means being bold, fearless in your endeavor.

You can’t just write another tale about a poor orphan farm boy who realizes he is heir to a great legacy stretching far beyond his humble origins (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Eragon, Lord of the Rings, Eye of the World, Sword of Shanarra, The Dragonbone Chair, to name but a few examples). You need to come up with something new.

Something new.

That’s a daunting task, when you consider the millions of books that have gone before. So how does a writer (in this case a fantasist) accomplish this task? Continue reading “How to Write a Young Adult Fantasy Novel Like a Boss”

Inspiring News for Self-Publishing Authors

If you’re anything like me, you require almost daily doses of inspiration to keep you pounding out those stories and working at your writing career. And sometimes, you need a big hit of the good stuff.

This is where ‘success stories’ of self-publishing writers come in. Reading about legends in our field, like Michael J. Sullivan, can inject a big heaping boost of inspiration right into the meat of your writers muscle.

Did you know—his book series The Riyria Revelations was originally self-published? Yeah, he sold around 90,000 copies of the six books on his own before Orbit published them in 2011 and 2012 as three 2-book omnibuses. (I’ve read the first 2: thoroughly enjoyable!)

I don’t know about you, but I love reading snippets like that. One of us self-published small timers getting noticed by a traditional publisher is always encouraging.

And Michael J. Sullivan is also a genuinely nice guy, giving the indie publishing world a better name through his quality work, professionalism, and guidance through his site.

For example, he makes some great (though not easy to swallow) points to first time writers in his post here, where he answers the question about how a first time writer should go about getting his first manuscript published. (It’s not an easy answer, but as we have all learned the hard way, it is a true response.) Continue reading “Inspiring News for Self-Publishing Authors”