The Eternal Unchanging Truths of God’s Word

Could you use some encouragement from books? Some good uplifting words? Here are some random notes on such works. Peruse at leisure. Perhaps something will strike an ‘Aha’ chord in your heart. ‘Yes, that’s what I needed to hear.’ I pray it does.

“This is a people robbed and plundered; all of them are caught in traps, and they are hidden in prison houses; they are for prey, and no one delivers; for plunder, and no one says, “Restore!” (Isaiah 42:22)

How many of your rights are you willing to exchange for promises of safety, backed up by junk science?

You don’t have that many left.

Not long ago, we were a people who had never been conquered.

Now we are robbed and plundered, and say, ‘Here, take my liberties, just so long as you promise to give them back when this is all over.’ We fall into traps like CRT, 1619, and Climate crisis theory, not realizing these are designed to distract us from those who are plundering our economy, livelihoods, and Constitution. The average American citizen spends 4 hours every day just keeping updated, eating up the Covidan party line, and accepting all calls for change, even the Great Reset, which is the monstrous heir of Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto.

We do not need to tear down old, allegedly ‘failing systems’. We do not require a new type of government, a new order, or cryptocurrency. All such calls are destined to hurt we the people. Listen, this crypto nonsense is their way of owning everything. First they destabilize our economy. Best way to do that? Easy, close everything up, and later purge all patriots by forcing them to take their jab or ‘get fired’. Then make claims that the old capitalist economic system is old-fashioned and inefficient, needs updating (and they are careful not to mention how this ‘tired old system’ thrived under Trump very recently).

Then, when they are done with destabilizing our economy with inflation and destroying the dollar, they introduce blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, none of which are backed by anything in the material world. Not the dollar, not gold, nothing backs them up. Everything is digital, and despite their claims of ‘decentralization, safe from government meddling’, it is in fact designed and controlled by the global regime.

The Patriot Resolves flips the tables on our enemies, revealing (1) who let America fall, (2) how a regime inspired by Hitler now rules, and (3) the only way to restore our great republic. This answer includes looking to the old ways where the good paths are (Jeremiah 6), and is the only historically proven method for restoring a nation that has fallen to tyrants.

Do you want to be subjugated, all your choices usurped? Or do you want to live free and be American again?

President George Washington:

‘It is impossible to govern the world without God. It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits and humbly implore his protection and favor’

Are any of these noble American birthrights—handed down from our forebears—being upheld and honored by those in ‘authority’ today?  Do these righteous legacies even remain? Or is there, instead of a democratic republic, a regime following the teachings of Hitler?

Or, you could open your eyes, act American, and resist all tyrannical measures. Together, by the tens of thousands. Every citizen, employee, police officer, military personnel, and manager needs to unite now, today in this Restoration. Praying with fervent faithful appeals to our heavenly Father, who is faithful to deliver the oppressed who love Him. He executes justice for the oppressed; He gives food to the hungry, The Lord gives freedom to the prisoners (Psalm 146:7).

You see how hope-giving and uplifting scripture is? Isn’t it miles better than all the nonsense being pushed out today by enemies of humanity and their duped minions?

Oh, praise the Lord.

The church is separate from and independent of the state. ‘Caesar’s reach is limited, extending only to the things that are Caesars, not to the church or the things that are God’s.

1 Tim 3:15 church conduct (Psalm 59:12) (Psalm 60:4-5, 12)

Let’s compare our resolve to revolutionary era resolves, and the criminal legislation of congress to Britain’s Coercive Acts. Why not list our own patriotic Resolves?

  • What God has given, and our constitution protects, let not congress rule contrary.
  • We will no longer accept lies, misinformation, or propaganda as ‘news’.
  • We will not be silenced.
  • We will allow freedom of opinion on both sides of every issue, regardless of precious feelings.
  • We shall strive to be examples of godly men and women, so our children know what is right.
  • We acknowledge that fundamental and eternal truths exist. What is ‘right’ can be known, and our Creator knows better than we what is right.
  • We honor our founders. In education and memorials, we revere our diverse past, learning from it and passing on the wisdom of those who sacrificed everything for the liberties we inherited,

 CHURCH: Revere Christ, Challenge sin, Expose hypocrisy.

Psalm 46:10 God will be exalted

(Matthew 4:16) (Proverbs 20:21-23 Regime ) (Jeremiah 30:20-21 Establish) (Psalm 10 Not Establish) (2 Cor 8:21) (Jeremiah 1:9-10 calling us) (Isaiah 26:3-5, 12-15) (Psalm 68:12) (Psalm 118 Overcome) (Job 5:19-21 Protected) (Psalm 138:7 Protect from enemy) (Jeremiah 23:11-22 Bad Priests) (Titus 3 DC Renewal)

Patriot Samuel Adams admonishes true patriots:

To put a stop to the progress of impiety and immorality, which, prevailing, will destroy the liberty and happiness of all societies.

Philippians 4:8 ‘Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is things art of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy,–meditate on these things.’

Oh yes, inhale the wisdom there. Let us put it into action and receive the peace we all need, the direction toward hope and redemption we all want, and the gift of joy filched from us by our treasonous enemies.

Whatever things are true.’ If we follow this word, we must refrain from following MSM (mainstream media). The news is rarely shared on these corrupted networks. Instead, their producers are nothing more than the Ministers of Propaganda for the illegitimate things in power.

Whatever things are noble. Whatever things are just.’ With all the blather and hype and ignoble EO’s from Thing One, it is clear that nothing coming from the WH is noble. And, despite the opposite claims from the Ministry of Propaganda, aka mainstream media, justice is not being served. Whenever they prioritize one group of people over another, whether a majority or minority, that is called racism, not racial justice. But the bible tells us to focus on whatever is noble and just.

Serving the Lord is noble. He is just. It will do your spirit a world of good to focus and meditate on the Prince of Peace instead of on the Daily Bad News. He gives such peace that the terrible things of this world will have no power to shake you. All you must do is focus on Him. Receive the gift of peace. ‘He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee’ (Isaiah 26:3)

‘If there is any virtue, anything praiseworthy.’ Believe it or not, there are praiseworthy things going on in this world today. During the heaviest NAZI lockdown measures, 50,000 Italian restaurant owners (in Italy) united in peaceful protest of arbitrary lockdowns, in what they call the I AM OPEN movement. Police arrived to shut them down, but customers shouted them down instead. ‘Get out, get out! We pay your wages from our taxes.’ Police were escorted out under this onslaught. I mean, what, were they going to arrest thousands of business owners for peacefully running their businesses? Tens of thousands of customers for . . . eating and drinking? Seriously. 1984 anyone?

The believer brings forth truth, regardless of the Enemy’s attempts to suppress it, or hide it in darkness. In Matthew 5:14-16 Jesus calls us lights in the world and entrusts us with doing good works and being such bright examples that all who see us might glorify God. If we are called to give light to all who sit in darkness, then we begin by sharing the truth.

Hopefully these truths  light your way, and inspire you in your own walk with the One who saves, and will save America


How Copyrights Work for Authors

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Copyrighting Explained

At some point every up-and-coming writer worries about Copyright issues. It’s understandable. But let me put your concerns on this issue to bed, because the truth in the indie world is that you really don’t have much to worry about where it concerns copyrights.

First off, a copyright is: ‘the exclusive right to the publication, sale, etc of a literary or artistic work.’ Basically, to have a copyright on a book is to protect it from artistic thievery.

Many indie writers worry that someone will see their work online and copy it and publish it under their name—those dirty crooks!

But the thing to understand is that wherever you publish your work, it has a digital proof of your publication date. So if some online pickpocket were to nab your pretty manuscript and try to pawn off your words as their own, you’ll have evidence that you published the work first, that it is your creation.

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(BTW: I ‘borrowed’ this gif from MRW on Imgur–thank you!)

The Methods of Artistic Thievery

Now, in the rare times when some scumbag does try to pull this krit, they’ll do it in one of two ways: either they will (1) take the gist of your genius script and rewrite it in their own words, or (2) they’ll simply post it up verbatim in the classic lazy-thief motif.

In the first instance you probably don’t even need to worry about anything. If they’re stealing your work and trying to rewrite it in their own words, then it won’t be your book they’re writing, it will be some shoddy remake cobbled together by a hack that had no inspiration for the idea and therefore no true skill to create.

Someone who steals literary works is unlikely to have the skills necessary to recreate anything worthy. It won’t be your story, but some second-rate rip-off, a-la fan-fiction. (And we all know the truth about fan-fiction)

In the second instance you will have your publication date to prove your creation.

For both instances you can report the crime to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) here, or use the FBI’s online Cybercrimes form here.

schwarzenegger giving thumbs up

Now, if you are sending your work out to literary agents and are worried about them or their assistants filching your brilliant ideas, you might be tempted to include Copyright © on your front matter page.

DO NOT DO THAT. That is the mark of an amateur. Legitimate literary agents do not steal manuscripts or stories. But, do watch out for fraudulent lit agents. These are those who charge ‘reading fees’. Never submit your work to anyone who charges fees for the pleasure of reading your work.

Now, if you win over an agent, they will take care of the copyrights for you. In fact, they will find you money for copyrights, from domestic to foreign rights, to film rights, distribution rights, etc. That’s their job. The more money they earn for you, they more they earn for themselves. It’s a lovely system—if you can break into it.

I didn’t advertise my new dystopia while I was writing it, because my brother was concerned someone might steal the idea—that of a huge Gender War escalating until it devastates mankind.

But now that it is written (though not yet edited and published) I will start to market it, without any worries about someone stealing my idea. If someone reads of it and decides, ‘Hey, I think I can write my own story about a Gender War’, their tale will be different, for no one can write this precise story like me, in my own words and world building, etc. Plus, by the time they write, edit, and publish their work, mine will already be out.

Alright, as you can see, there really isn’t much to worry about where it concerns copyrights. So focus instead on your writing. No worries, mate! It’s all good down under.

Keep writing, and try becoming a hypomaniac.

Hypomaniac: /hype o MAY nee ak/ n ‘A person with a mental disturbance characterized by excessive optimism.’

How To Stay Positive in Your Writing Career

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What happens after you do everything the writing and publishing ‘experts’ advise you to do, and your writing career is still middling at best, a flamingo flapping its wings in a slow tedious takeoff?

I have become convinced that the indie publishing world is much like the traditional publishing world: you have to know the right people.

In traditional pub, you need to have personal connections to literary agents and interns, people in the know. –It also helps to have publishing credits before you can get published.– In indie pub you need a stellar, established social (online) standing, with vast email lists, family who support you and friends who will post reviews for you.

But what happens if you are on the fringes?

You need to be a Writer, Publisher, and Marketer

What if: you were not blessed with built-in connections (Christopher Paolini), you weren’t born with a natural affinity for making connections (the gift of gab), you don’t have the money to travel to and sign up for expensive writing conventions to make those connections anyway; your family is not interested or helpful in any way, and none of your friends are readers (you wouldn’t trust non-readers with reviewing your work anyhow)?

In such a position, ‘breaking out’ seems about as easy as breaking out of a super-max.

I’m not complaining. Quite the opposite; I intend to chug along as I always have, persistence wins the day and all that. I do what they advise and make some sales, but until the kindhearted souls who purchase my books decide to take a moment to leave a positive review, I cannot imagine the pace of sales will change.

In such a case (more common than you think), you have to wonder: is it insane to continue pursuing something when the result is always the same? When does your joy in the act of creation begin to wane?

But that’s wading into semantics and philosophical waters.

The Question All Writers Face

The question you, as a struggling writer (or more aptly, a struggling publisher) need to ask is: If I knew my career would never take off, would I still keep writing?

Think about that for a second.

If your answer is NO, then maybe you’re just spinning your wheels, expending time and thought and creative energy on something unfruitful when you could be spending it all on something far more rewarding in your own esoteric way.

If on the other hand your answer is YES, then none of the above should get you down. You are a dream warrior, valiantly pursuing your dream no matter the struggle, heartache, frustrations and the tantalizing doorways teasing new worlds that you might someday enter.

One day your muse might come along, see your AMS ad, click over to your books’ page, purchase your brilliant work, and then–angel that she is–leave a sterling review of the book she now lists among her Top Ten. It could happen. That tiniest glimmer of hope is enough to keep the ink in some writers’ pens.

So ask yourself that question. Would I keep writing if I knew it would never make me money?

If you love what you do, then do what you love regardless of the lack of return on your investment. Some people go their whole lives without ever discovering their passion, without ever finding some endeavor that makes them happy. Your joy in the act of creation can carry you forward—while you also keep a day job to support you and yours.

There are plenty of inspirational stories out there, real tales of successful writers who spent years toiling in anonymity, knowing—like you—nothing but rejection or the echoing empty hallways of neglect.

Then something happened; the right person entered their life. Maybe that person left a review and spread the word to everyone she knew about this unknown authors’ awesome work.

The Sum of the Whole

I tapped out this little posit not just for my own edification, but for the benefit of all those who also struggle with pre-break-out writer’s blues (or at least of all those who struggle with that and who happen to stumble here to buckelsbooks).

For further encouragement, you might check out bustle’s post on successful authors who began in miserly conditions, who once struggled just like you and I, and who forged ahead despite their chronic failure to reach new heights of publishing success.

I pray God may bless your endeavors, and that you meditate on Matthew 6:33:

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.’

(But don’t seek the kingdom just to receive these things—tricky isn’t it?)