Go ahead and play the video while reading.

Music is magic, innit? The right soundtrack can add that indescribable element required to move the writer. A soaring orchestral piece can elevate a scene from hum-drum to thrilling. This particular song may not be your slice of writing-apple-pie, and that’s cool. Whatever works for you is what matters.


While the music above, ‘John’s Walk’ has proven useful for writing certain scenes in a few of my fantasy stories, I needed something creepier for my recent suspence novel, Lotteryman. A haunting sort of soundtrack, something that evoked ‘eerie.’

Naturally, I thought of the music to Stephen King’s Rose Red. There’s some bad acting in that miniseries, but the music and sound effects were spot on. Listening to it while writing Lotteryman really helped me capture the mood of my novel.

Point is, you might want to take a moment when you first sit down to write your book, to search for that magical music. That just-right song. The tune to the world you are crafting.

Hmm, I wonder what God listened to while crafting His world? Maybe it was something like the theme song for Conquest of Paradise, by Vangelis.