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This is a comprehensive resource for new writers on a budget.

Do you want to develop a career in writing, but are afraid you can’t do it because you don’t have the money? No problem. TAKE IT TO THE BANK provides you with 9 essential tools to help you build your career without spending a fortune.

From outlining to writing, from motivation to polishing your prose and mastering query letters, from self-publishing to marketing, this little manual will guide you through every step of the process. From idea to money in the bank, you can become a successful writer. There are plenty of excellent writing guides out there, but their advice and suggestions will cost you hundreds of dollars. Most of my tips are free, and the rest are designed with frugality in mind.

I am making it available to you for only .99 cents right now. Do yourself a favor and save time and frustration by exploring this guide. I only wish I had found something like it when I started writing. It will save you money, I guarantee!

The (Psycho) Path to Success is my expose/parody of the self-help industry. I employ humor to expose the slimy tactics and false promises used by many (but not all) life coaches. Did you know that despite being an $11 billion industry, it is not regulated by any group? Anyone can pass themselves off as an ‘expert’ life-coach.

(Update: My Positive affirmations worked; the cocky little book came out just before December and sold well. Yeah, I manifested the shiznit out of that one, boy!


The ‘Sprinkle’ Series is Ready for Consumption

With these short stories, following the blind undertaker Mr. Sprinkle, I push back against the grimdark and anti-hero characters infesting modern literature, and present the kind of man we would all like to have as a friend. Sprinkle is the last of his kind: a gentleman. With his impeccable manners, sunny outlook, and 1940’s slang, every moment spent with Henry J is a sweet treat.

The first tale, Sprinkle Takes the Cake, is available as a single short story for just .99, while A Collection of Sprinkles, four tales (including Sprinkle Takes the Cake) is available for only $2.99.



Lotteryman is my latest, a psychological thriller in the vein of House of Sand and Fog, and Shutter Island. I am pumped about it, and very proud of how it turned out. It is about a brilliant shambling wreck of a man, Gus Fludd, who discovers the secret to winning the New York Powerball.

Once he has won his money, however, his life turns into a Bosch painting of hell. He wants nothing more than to rebuild his crumbling old Victorian, but is constantly sidetracked. A young blond IRS agent comes snooping around, making demands. It’s not long before Gus realizes that this agent, calling himself Caff, is a psychopath working on a personal vendetta.

Gus’s ex returns, further complicating things. And then there’s his brother, a man whose loyalties are as fickle as his job employment history. Soon the news gets out, and strangers start descending on the Fludd property. Gus’s world shrinks. He recedes inside, physically and psychologically, until he begins to lose track of reality inside the dilapidated remains of his house and mind. COMING SOON