Why Your Work is Being Rejected (And What to Do About It)


If you’ve been writing for years, then your skills have (hopefully) vastly improved. And yet you’re still getting rejected. Doesn’t make sense, right? Odds are the reason your work is discarded has more to do with your name not being Lee Child or Laini Taylor than with your writing skills. Struggling writer Chuck Ross suspected this very thing was lurking at the heart of his mounting rejection pile. So he decided to run a sneaky test. He submitted Jerzy Kosinski’s award-winning novel Steps to 14 publishers under the fictional name ‘Erik Demos’. All 14 rejected the novel. He received a form rejection letter from the house that had published it! Fourteen publishers failed to recognize a book that had already been published and won an award—because no one looked at the title or writing. They saw only the unknown name of the submitting writer and rejected the submission based solely on that unfamiliar name. –Rotten Reviews.

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