Kindlepreneur Shows Writers How to Sell More Books

Like any writer worth his weight in paper, I’m always on the lookout for the Next Step. Recently, through a click-parade (you know, when you click on links until you stumble on some useful content you didn’t know you were looking for), I discovered Kindlepreneur, aka Dave Chesson.

By subscribing to his site, I was offered his 5 Day crash course on mastering Amazon’s AMS ad campaign thingamajig. He promised it would help me sell more books. Plus it’s free. Boom! He’s got another subscriber.

He helped me realize, right off the bat, that my main problem all along has not been the quality of my books, but their lack of discoverability. So I watched his crash course. It is in depth but simple. Dave himself is an excellent teacher. He doesn’t mumble or indulge in excessive Er’s and Um’s and Uh’s, which drive me bonkers. Plus, you can feel his positivity beaming out of his video tutorials, which you can then absorb to instill confidence in yourself.

Amazon AMS Can Bring You More Sales

This AMS thing looks promising, and doable, even for me (someone who is still mid-arc in the Web learning curve).

I’m going to be doing the ‘Sponsored Product’ ad campaign for my YA fantasy, W.A.N.D. because this is a book I am not only very proud of, but also believe will (and should) be enjoyed by many readers of various ages.

The Kindlepreneur also sent me a P.S. in an e-mail suggesting that I share his course with others, as he would hate for someone to have to pay hundreds for a similar course, when they could get it for free. I don’t know if it will work for me, but I am hopeful, and grateful to him for providing high-quality content, and for showing me how to surge forward in my business.

For you, here is the link to his Free Course. Take your time, take notes (unless you possess photographic memory, in which case I am totally jealous and hate your guts), and take your book sales to the next level. Happy Sales, writers!

The Poor Man’s Guide to Amazon Kindle Publishing

Most Kindle Advice posts are written from an ‘I have arrived’ point of view. You can choose to take their advice, but you must then make the journey alone, working from the bottom using the advice of Zeus atop Mt. Olympus. Here, you will find a humble ‘I am on the verge of breaking out and am totally pumped about it’ point of view. I invite you to take this exciting journey with me.

After dutifully following all the advice out there, from an ocean of blogs and sites and forums, to Publishing E-Books for Dummies, to ‘Secrets to Amazon Kindle Publishing Revealed’ YouTube videos, etc, I have discovered something interesting that a wiser man might’ve realized sooner: not all advice is solid. Some of it works only for some people. I tried running a free (un-hosted) blog for my books. Useless. I tried Goodreads. Made friends, ran some forums. Pretty much useless. (Although, that might have been because I had only 1 book to flog at the time, and I did not possess much confidence.) The worst part is that a lot of the advice will cost you a bundle to follow, with little to show for your output. In August I spent $52 for a year-long site hosting package, including a $25 initial set up fee (like it costs the host anything to do that, pfft!). And that was a big spend for me.

Professionally Designed E-Book Covers Continue reading “The Poor Man’s Guide to Amazon Kindle Publishing”

3 Keys Every Writer Needs to Master

You could be the hardest-working, most imaginative writer, one who has mastered all 350 points in Strunk and White, and still not succeed in the writing world.

There are 3 intangible keys—or traits—you need to master if you’re going to survive—and excel. You want to break out, so do yourself a favor and learn here what took me years to discover in the most grueling, soul-draining ways.

Key #1: You must develop an almost psychopathic confidence in your abilities. (I explore this Key in depth in my upcoming parody/expose The (Psycho) Path to Success.) You will face rejection and the dark empty silent void of neglect. You can either be crushed and give up, or allow an overdeveloped EGO to metastasize in your soul. The hard truth is that no one’s going to be raving over your 200,000 word epic fantasy right off the bat. It’s not going to be a smash hit straight out of the gate. If you’re blessed, you might have a couple of family members who’ll agree to read it. But in a real and terrifying way, you are alone in this.

All the Best Writers are Bulletproof.

You need to develop impenetrable skin, indomitable confidence. No one will like your work until you love it first. Still, plenty of hacks adore their rubbish tales; so how do you know when your love is misplaced? Like any cancer, your ego will grow as you develop your skills. But at some point you need to decide in your mind that this manuscript you’re working on is Worthy. People need to read it. They will enjoy it. When you’ve convinced yourself of these things (assuming you’ve enhanced your skills and this is your third or fourth MS, polished to the fourth degree), then you can begin to champion your work. You have to believe in the worthiness of your work before anyone else will. Fifteen agents will reject it. Don’t let that devastate you. 12 agencies said NO to Harry Potter before Christopher Little said YES. It’s a horribly subjective world. Develop the mindset of a psychopath if you want to survive it: My work is great, and so am I. Continue reading “3 Keys Every Writer Needs to Master”