Iconocop Wanted

Knox, the former Iconocop, is currently wanted for questioning at Mythcorp. His crimes include:

  • Terrorizing the citizens of Philicity
  • Manslaughter
  • Torture
  • Conducting illegal Investigations
  • Consorting with illegally-forged Mythicons
  • Being a dick

iconocop wanted poster

Knox is part of an ongoing investigation, and considered armed and stupidly dangerous. Beware: this renegade was once considered the greatest Iconocop. His exploits have been recorded in novel form in a Mythcorp-approved urban fantasy series called the Mythcorp Archives, available at Amazon and anywhere e-books and paperbacks are sold.

Heads Up: Whoever created these books wrote them from the perspective of Knox himself. Apparently they are designed to make him appear sympathetic, and while the series does not paint Mythcorp as a sinister corporation, they do make us seem filled with apocalyptic potential.