Non-Fiction and Short Stories

Take it to the Bank

Save yourself valuable time and frustration in your writing career by discovering 9 key tools to turning your book ideas into money in the bank–without spending a fortune.

The (Psycho) Path to Success

Tired of reading about how to become a better you? Ready to enjoy a parody of hokey self-help? The (Psycho) Path is a glib look at the billion-dollar self-improvement movement. Inside its pages I expose the slimy tactics and lies their life-coaches feed us.

Our Ancient Foe

In this study we strip away centuries of myth and misunderstanding to reveal the true biblical Satan.

The Last King of Vampires (W.A.N.D. short story)

(Paranormal Fantasy) The vampires of the Adirondack Preserve don’t sparkle. In fact, they hardly speak. They are primal monsters, and their king will not go down without a bloody fight.


The Mirrorman ( W.A.N.D. short story)

Head Warlock Agabus Duchaine hunts down the most powerful sorcerer on the Preserve: the Mirrorman.