Welcome to my bibliography. Feel free to browse. For your convenience I’ve included the title, genre, and a short description for each book, along with a link to that book on Amazon or Smashwords.

Mythcorp Series Book 1: Iconocop 

In this urban fantasy ‘Iconocop Solomon Knox is thrust into the middle of a vast conspiracy involving an Icon of Alexander the Great.’

Mythcorp combines genetic engineering with magic to create living versions of fictional characters. So it’s no wonder Alexander works to take it over. Within its pages you will encounter all manner of characters out of the pages of history and fiction: from J.R.R. Tolkien to Peter Pan.

Mythcorp Series Book 2: Mythicon

Mythcorp Series Book 3: Philicity

Mythcorp Series Book 4 Orphan of Mythcorp

(Orphan of Mythcorp is a YA Urban Fantasy)


(Thriller) Ichabod Bitterlich is a playwright by day, a wealthy decent man by all accounts. His life ambition is to create a society where no one goes jobless or hungry. His method for accompishing this is both simple and draconian; he decreases the population. Unlike normal killers, he possesses no signature, and is capable of taking on multiple MO’s to deflect police investigations. While haunted first string detective Stephen Van Tassel hunts this beast during a steamy New York summer, Ichabod graduates from serial murder, to mass murder, to terrorism. His actions send Philicity spiraling into chaos. Unable to convince his department that Ichabod is to blame for everything, Detective Van Tassel must wage a one man war on this modern day monster, using his unique gift/curse of synesthesia and perfect memory. But even as he closes in on Ichabod, evidence arises that the man may be right about his horrific ‘population’ theory.



(YA Fantasy) The world’s first genetically engineered wizard–15 year old Nick Hammond–is recruited to create the world’s first Wand. They hope that this, the ‘ultimate wizard’s weapon’ will be able to combat the growing horde of Mythics seeking to escape the Adirondack Preserve. But between his school work and girls, Nick struggles to find the answers their looking for. The unwanted attention of the Mirrorman doesn’t help. Neither do the haunting dreams, or the Old One stirring from its ancient slumber.


Lexi Montaigne

(Psychological Suspense) A haunted woman follows in the footsteps of her grandfather across America, in pursuit of an ancient secret.