Here at buckelsbooks we understand how hard it is to break out and build your writing career. This site exists to help struggling writers, through useful tips, links, and additional content.

It can be a daunting task, all this writing, editing, publishing, cover-making, and (God save us!) marketing–especially if you can barely rub two coins together.

But success can be achieved without dropping a fortune. That is why this blog exists. I have learned much, and continue to learn. While I discover new and profitable ways to further my career, I will share the vital steps here with you. Hopefully you will find something that works for you. Something that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Because let’s face it, advice from all those Amazon-E-book-Success-Stories people is great and all, but it can be terribly expensive. If you’re trying to break out, you probably don’t have $100 to drop on an automated keyword discovery software program like KDP Rocket. Let alone $250 on a ‘professionally designed’ book cover.


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