Being PC: A Parody of Political Correctness

Remember learning pronouns in school? Referring to a boy as ‘he’ or ‘him’? Referring to a girl as ‘she’ or ‘her’?

Yeah, well according to political correctness today, that’s wrong! Now if a woman (‘person who identifies as a female’) wishes, you must refer to her as ‘they’.

Same goes for a man (a person who identifies as a male). Or rather, you must refer to those formerly known as hims or hers but who no longer identify with a gender, as ‘they’, or them.

They even made up a new pronoun to go along with this PC narrative: Xe or Xem.

My latest work explores this and many other hilarious aspects of modern Political Correctness, in BEING PC. Just published, fresh off the press.

Don’t worry snowflakes, it does not mock those struggling with their identity, but rather ‘jabbs’ the narrative pushing such things on us all.

Joe Bloe is a straight white male, who just wants to earn a living. But before he can begin working, Walmartz forces him to endure a series of Equity and InclusionTraining Seminars, where he must do battle with mighty Warriors of Social Justice. Through a grueling ordeal, he discovers he is racist, bigoted, and wrong about nealry everything, which gives him a stomach disorder.

Things get really bamboozling when he encounters a stunning transwoman, a man named Broccoli, fat ‘new beautiful’ persons, and every other PC micro aggression under the sun!

If you’re tired of all the race-baiting and super strange terms like gender fluidity, and want to know you’re not alone in your confusion, follow your average Joe through his epic adventures in POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!