Imagine All the People (If they Knew the Truth about Covid)


Amid the mayhem going on all around us, it does our hearts good to feed off the faithfulness of God as found in His Word. It does our minds good to consider current ‘events’ through revealing questions. In this light, the following statements are designed to correct our manipulated perception of current ‘events’, so that we might finally see the truth behind the veil of propaganda.

I encourage you to copy and paste this enlightening list on your social media and blogs, in comment sections, or print it out and leave it in the break room or paste it up in public places.

It is time to redirect the conversation. Instead of eating every tidbit of propaganda, it is high time we began questioning the party line of our handlers.

Enjoy, and remember to share this list with those you care about!

  • Imagine a virus so deadly, you have to get tested to find out if you even have it.
  • If a virus is 98% survivable, why would we take a ‘vaccine’ allegedly only 90% effective? Wouldn’t taking the ‘vaccine’ lower our chances of surviving?
  • If opinions are dangerous, does that mean we are armed to the teeth?
  • BLM claims it is designed to fight racism and police brutality. Is that why it is racist, and brutal to police?
  • If masks and lockdowns don’t work, why are we forced to continue doing them?
  • If masks and lockdowns worked, why would we have to keep doing them?
  • Making reparations for crimes committed against an entire race sets up an interesting premise. I think the Jews would love the opportunity to sue Germany. But then, if we can demand entities to pay for violence committed centuries ago, to people today who did not suffer those crimes, what’s to stop Japan from suing America, or me from suing Vietnam for the harm done to my uncles? Tricky, huh?
  • If claims of election fraud are baseless, why does SCOTUS refuse to hear evidence?
  • If the one court that viewed evidence of election fraud (Antrim) confessed that there was election fraud, why did it decide not to do anything about it?
  • Masks are the new normal. But not in China. They’ve been wearing them for 100 years . . .
  • How could there be a coin shortage? Coins are not consumed.
  • Cancelling people is tight. It’s the new normal way of creating unity.
  • It’s amazing that flu cases are down 99.9% in America and the UK since covid was introduced. Do we think that is a coincidence, or could they simply be labeling flu cases as covid? Hmm . . .
  • If any man declaring himself a ‘female’ may enter women’s bathrooms and dorms and locker rooms, what is to prevent pedophiles from jumping on that bandwagon? Wait a minute, is it possible this bill was signed into law for pedophiles?
  • How come prioritizing benefits for certain groups and excluding others was considered racist in 1961, but in 2021 when they’re prioritizing minority business owners they call it ‘social justice’? Is that like, revenge justice?
  • Every time in history when a government destroyed its own economy, forcing its citizens to turn to the government for handouts, it resulted in communism. Here, they introduce covid, lockdown our economy, killing 100,000 plus businesses, and then handout ‘covid stimulus packages’. Umm, just one question: is covid the new communism?
  • If a woman decides she’s a man, does that change her DNA and hands?
  • Teaching our children to hate American history is an excellent way to prepare them to embrace socialism. (Project 1619)
  • Why would they want us to teach our kids all about transgenderism, when transgender people have the highest suicide rate of any group in the world?
  • Man, covid is so prejudiced—it totally attacks only small businesses, leaving all chain stores alone.
  • So, bars and strip clubs are essential, but churches are ‘super spreaders?’
  • If I eat thanksgiving with my family, does that offend coronavirus?
  • Masks are so effective, that covid began in the Wuhan fish market, where Chinese people were already wearing masks.
  • I love how cancel culture just doesn’t get it: every time they cancel someone, that someone’s book, or product or music sales skyrocket.
  • Shouldn’t those FUTURE IS FEMALE slogans offend transgender men? I don’t know. It’s confusing keeping track of who should be offended by what.
  • Yeah, Aunt Jemima always offended me, too. Along with Washington Redskins, and Jeep Cherokee. I mean, if I had a pro team or car named after my tribe, well, that would just piss me off, too. Wah-wah-wah.
  • With over 1,170 Americans dying from ‘vaccines’ (it is believed this number, reported to VAERS, represents only 1% of all covid vaccine-related deaths), we now have 260 times more young Americans dying from covid-‘vaccine’ than would have from alleged covid. Food for thought.
  • It’s comforting to know that ‘vaccine’-providers Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Moderna, all enacted contracts protecting them from being sued for adverse reactions to their ‘vaccines’. No need to worry, if your loved one dies from their shot, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. In fact, if you even mention it publicly, they can sue you for libel. Doesn’t that just make you feel all giddy about taking their unapproved experimental vaccine? (FDA did not approve these ‘vaccines’, but merely issued ‘Emergency Use Authorization’.)
  • Since the insurrection at our capitol on January 20th, thousands of Americans have lost their jobs, thousands of covid-positive illegal immigrants have skipped on over to receive citizenry benefits, gas prices have risen, inflation is striking, China is thriving, pastors are arrested for opening their churches, white people are vilified for being white, stock market has stumbled, and more people have died. But at least they got that awful clown out, right?
  • If they’re really still reporting the news, why didn’t the ‘news’ networks cover the Italian Revolution? I mean, an entire nation in upheaval, the people demanding and receiving a new government and leaders, and the ‘news’ networks can only talk about a second sham impeachment? Could it be they didn’t want us to know how upset the Italian people were to discover their government had played a major role in rigging our election? Didn’t want us to know how they’d discovered the truth and arrested the head of Leonardo? Could it be they didn’t want it to inspire us to revolt against an illegitimate administration? If the Italians were that upset, wouldn’t that give credence to Trump’s claims?
  • Yes, I too always found Dr. Seuss racist. I mean, who were those Who’s anywho? If Thing One and Thing Two were a little less white, they might and they might have put up a fight, but the Cat in the Hat was clearly too prejudice against an incredulous anomalous culture of haters and baiters dressed up as dude nomenclatures.
  • If the Speaker of the House is all about democracy, why does she keep spitting on the Constitution? It’s there to limit the authority of oligarchs and to preserve the liberties of we the people.
  • When the Spanish Flu ran through the population, there were visible symptoms, like bleeding noses, petechial hemorrhaging, rashes displaying bleeding just beneath the skin like spreading rashes, and victims would often turn blue. But they didn’t use it as an excuse to destroy our economy or infrastructure or seize on it to reset everything. I forget, what are the visible symptoms of corona?
  • It’s nice that they use PCR to test for a viral infection when it is not designed to test for such things, and tends to give false positives 50% of the time.
  • So, let me get this straight. Covid leaves you alone while you’re eating in a restaurant, but will seize the opportunity to attack if you walk around in a restaurant?

Psalm 31:13-17 ‘For I hear the slander of many; fear is on every side, while they take counsel together against me. They scheme to take away my life. But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in Your hand; deliver me from the hand of my enemies, and from those who persecute me. Make Your face shine upon Your servant; save me for Your mercies’ sake. Do not let me be ashamed, O Lord, for I have called upon You. Let the wicked be ashamed; let them be silent in the grace. Let the lying lips be put silence, which speak insolent things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.’