The Answer to Cancel Culture (Every Patriot Needs to Read This Now)



Our enemies should be careful and realize they are dealing with men and women driven to a state of desperation by the oppressive hand of tyranny and the lawless violence of arbitrary power.’ –from Samuel Adams

The first definition of ‘Ban’ in Websters Dictionary is: ‘A condemnation by church authorities.’

In this intentionally controversial article you will find an answer on how to respond legally and effectively to the unamerican actions of cancel culture. Much is revealed here. Much is risked. This site might be blacklisted by Google, or deleted by WordPress. Cancelled.

But we do not fear such things. God opens doors. It is for us to pass through, or turn away from them. We always have a choice.

Now, as the World Council of Churches has proven either feckless or complicit, in its failure to stem the tide of communism in America, or even to have a voice against it, and because a majority of pastors, preachers, and deacons have proven equally weak, We The People must stand up and be the church authorities. And by the authority invested in us by God Almighty (1 Thessalonians 2:4), it is high time we make a stand against our enemies. We must boycott, ban, and condemn all unamerican, unrighteous acts committed in the fake name of progress and their fake god Covid.

(The WCC calls for the union of all world religions, which is directly contrary to the teaching of Acts 4:12.)

First, you must understand that everything the globalists are doing and have done, is all an excuse to establish their ‘Great Reset.’ In their desire to reshape the world according to their image (Tower of Babylon, anyone?), they seek to change every system and usurp all resources to serve them. Nothing will be left for the vast majority of citizenry.

Their motto? ‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy.’

Notice they say ‘you will own nothing.’ They will own everything. It will be the worst of holocausts, the worst of regimes, the worst of inhuman practices the world has ever seen. We’re all in this together—except for those working to reset mankind.

The pandemic was the jolting kickstart. (I cover much of this in ‘Bogus: The New Terror Manufactured by America’s Enemies.’) Covid is the ultimate excuse—and it is not even something worth fearing.

Censorship, the banning of one group of citizens, cancel culture, the persecution of one group, one-sided media, the demonizing of President Trump, revisionist history, and the constant assault on our civil liberties, are all part of the second step in their Reset.

If you are not aware of the persecution of conservatives, patriots, white people, Christians, and the truth, currently going on, then you need to get off MSM and start seeking the truth. While I do not personally advocate any source other than the Word of God, you might consider checking out Flashpoint, Sky News Australia, Summit.News, WLT,, Right Side Broadcasting, and others? Search, but beware: there is only One Gospel. Everything else is from man’s opinion and from limited understanding. All these sites, while apparently on the side of Free Speech, might at any moment fall victim to globalists. It happened to Fox. It happened to Newsmax.

If you watch the market, you will notice that many Chinese company stocks are surging since Thing One and Thing Two usurped their way into Washington.

What exactly is our offense to the Establishment of Elitist Snowflakes? Merely having opinions that do not align with their established party line.

Embrace political incorrectness, for then you have a chance of embracing truths.

What is the answer?

While praying studiously, seeking God’s daily guidance for each of us, there are actions we can take to effect positive change, to turn the tides.

I’m sure you’ve heard patriots calling for others to leave Big Tech traitors and such. That is good, but not thinking big enough. They also say to not shop at certain commie-supporting stores. That is good, but major corporations don’t care if a few hundred people stop shopping with them. We need to think bigger and smarter.

The following is a suggestion (one with a proven track record with Dinesh D’Souza, and which was suggested in part by Huckabee) that might actually wake up the ‘woke’ traitors and force them to stop canceling anyone with morality and all who seek to expose the truth.

shocked woman hand over mouth

The Free Speech Movement:

Instead of simply boycotting businesses, which means nothing to mega corporations, we need to publicize their traitorous actions.


Every time a social media giant cancels, defames, or deplatforms someone, we should use their own platform to start questioning their right to do this. Do nothing alone. Advise everyone you know (who supports free speech), to do the same. If Facebook fact-checks a post or deletes someone’s account, publish posts (on FB and your blog, and everywhere else you can) asking ‘What happened to so and so? They’re just gone, like someone deleted them or something.’ Ask if someone deserves to be cancelled for simply sharing their opinions.

You’re not doing anything wrong. You are simply sharing your own legitimate concern. Social media is silencing any opinion or view or fact that contradicts their party line of ‘social distancing now, social distancing tomorrow, and social distancing forever’ which is all part of their Reset.

If a major business member of CC (cancel culture) cancels or libels someone, you and everyone you know (and everyone they know and on and on to the power of 1,000 and up) should wander to their site and start posting negative reviews of their products and services. If Amazon cancels a patriotic book exposing cancel culture, covid, vaccines, or any of the other commie works in government, then go on Amazon and question the quality of its products, its services, questioning ‘what happened to this book?’

(Perloff’s Covid-19 and the Agenda’s to Come: Red-Pilled, was selling well, and then was cancelled by Amazon. Following backlash from numerous customers as well as Elon Musk, the book magically appeared back on the Amazon bookshelf. See? Effective. Same thing with Gonzalez’s book Coronalessons.) They don’t learn: censorship backfires: If you tell people they cannot read a certain book, that drives them to want to read that book.

girl covering another girls mouth

If YouTube deletes all the videos of LifeSite News, canceling all 340,000 of their subscribers, question YouTube’s practices. Comment everywhere. Demand explanation, spread the word about what YouTube did. It is all one-sided. One-sided platforms and media are distinctly communistic in nature.

If YouTube and Vimeo and Patreon and MailChimp cancel SGT Report, go on those sites, contact them, asking what happened to the site you received encouraging information from.

Expose cancel culture shakers. Expose them everywhere. Shed light on truth everywhere. No hatred. Just truth, hard facts, and incessant questions. Demand answers. Demand to be heard. Ask others ‘What do you think of that totalitarian act Twitter just pulled?

Here is a list of traitors to Free Speech. These members of vile cancel culture should learn that politicizing their business is a non-sustainable business practice—and deeply unamerican. Cancel your memberships with these traitors, close your accounts.

  • Amazon, Facebook, Barnes and Noble, Bank of ‘America’, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Wal-Mart, ‘American’ Express, ‘American’ Airlines, NHL, MLB, and so, so many more.

This must become a national movement. A few hundred, or even a few thousand people doing this will not be enough to effect a true change. To put the squeeze on major retailers, the Patriot Army must unite, all 80,000,000 plus, in (1) boycotting and (2) exposing these traitorous institutions. Here is how these 2 steps will work, if every American Patriot unites in this Free Speech Movement.

  1. When businesses suddenly lose tens of millions of customers, they will change their tune. No matter how much they’ve been bribed or ‘received as donations’ from the Deep State and foreign enemies, no business is so big it can ignore the loss of 10 million customers. That is what is called in economics as ‘an unsustainable business practice.’ Listen, businesses care more about the bottom line, their profit, than they do about politics. So at the end of the day, if their being exposed and bleeding thousands of clients or customers a day, they will change their tune. It has happened before.
  2. Bad PR is also a major unsustainable business practice. If Wal-Mart is being smeared as unamerican, in canceling certain clients, or in bashing certain American groups, in addition to losing millions of customers, it will be forced to do some good PR, which will mean public apology and recompense for its sins.
  3. Finally, as We The People continue to forcefully express ourselves, and one corporation after another relents, the ripples will soon grow into a tidal wave of change.

But this must become a movement. With 80,000,000 to 100,000,000 Americans at last asserting their God-given and Constitutionally protected right to free speech and the exercise thereof, good things will begin to happen again.

Or imagine if all 80,000,000 Patriots left commie social media platforms and exposed the hypocritical tactics of treacherous corporations. Even they could not afford to ignore that.

Remember, every human action is worthless without the blessing and grace of God Almighty upon it. So entreat His blessings on this Great Endeavor. Because if we do not push back now, if we fail to show Him that we are thankful for the blessing of having grown up in a free country, then our children and theirs after them will never know those same precious blessings.

It is time to take a stand. It is time to add your voice to the Great Conversation. Share this Free Speech Movement with everyone you know, who loves America.

Is the old Pilgrim spirit quenched within us? Stoops the proud manhood of our souls so low, that Mammon’s lure or Party’s wile can win us to silence now? Now, when our land to ruin’s brink is verging. In God’s Name LET US SPEAK WHILE THERE IS TIME: Now, when the padlock for our lips is forging, SILENCE IS A CRIME.’ –Whittier, 1837

Liberty or enslavement. The choice is yours . . . for now.

Jeremiah 30:20-22.