Real-Life Dystopian Tale

bogus book cover

Do you enjoy dystopian novels?

Sure you do. They show us worlds and people worse off than ourselves. We finish the book, close the cover and sigh contentedly; ah, at least our life isn’t like the characters in this story.

Well, dystopian tales are about to get a run for their money.

Right now America is under assault by the most conniving and ruthless enemies she has ever faced. There is a horrifying chance that very soon, everything we hold sacred as distinctly ‘American’, is about to be ripped away.

Forget politics. It does not matter which side you fall on. Our true enemies are neither democrats nor republicans

They call themselves ‘Democratic Socialists’.

This term comes from the Manifesto of the Communist Party. Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler all began as democratic socialists. They went on to build their totalitarian regimes based on the exact same principles America’s home-grown Dem-Soc’s are using to topple capitalism and whittle away our democracy: The Communist Manifesto.

Make no mistake. They are a very real and grave threat to our national safety.

We do not have much time. Soon, all options will be taken from us, freedoms filched by mandates and orders of the state. Anyone who objects to the ‘new normal’ will be considered ‘uncooperative citizens’, and they will be quarantined in undisclosed locations.

This happened in Soviet Russia, in the Bloc, and it is already happening in Canada right now.

I cover the various nefarious methods used by these Dem-Soc’s, how to recognize their propaganda, and why we need to act now to prevent them from taking over our country, in my latest work, BOGUS. In it we show historical parallels to socialist regimes, how they rose in similar dire straits, and how the people always suffer. We also connect the manufactured pandemic and the riots to the Dem-Soc agenda.

Their lies need to be exposed and they need to be indicted, charged with nothing less than crimes against humanity.

Save America. Preserve our freedoms, our democracy.

Start by educating yourself with knowledge of our enemies’ tactics, exposed in: BOGUS: The New Terror Manufactured by America’s Insidious Enemies.

For a short time it will be available for free (ebook). But both ebook and paperback are priced low so you can discover for yourself the truth about the pandemic, and our true enemies.

A disturbing example of their propaganda can be found by following this link to one of their articles. in it they pretend to explain how democracy is failing (if it is, it is only because they have jeopardized it), and they also presume to insult the intelligence of every true American. It is a disgusting example of their socialistic tactics.

God bless America.