Are Literary Agents Currently Accepting Submissions?

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If you’ve been wondering like me if literary agents are still accepting submissions during all this silly hullabaloo, I have the answer!

Now that I’ve completed the first round of editing and revision (sloppy to readable) on my epic dystopian piece, MANKIND, I’ve been searching for active lit agents, and I stumbled on a great resource.

The Directory of Literary Agents boasts an extensive listing. You can search for agents by: genre, gender, race, state, and there’s even a list of Dead/Retired agents. (Not sure if that’s morbid or just unhelpful, since  you wouldn’t send a submission to either, but they’ve got that list for you.)

It’s a FREE useful resource; you just have to give your name (you can fiction one up if you like) and email.

I also discovered a helpful page here answering many of the current questions we authors (or is it ‘us authors’? I always get that confused) have concerning the state of kerfuffled affairs currently kerfuffling our country–specifically where it concerns authors and the publishing industry!

I hope these sites help you as they are helping me in my search for the best agent.

Vital Tips to Avoid Agency Scams:

  • Legit agents never charge a fee to read your work
  • Vanity presses offer to ‘help’ pay publishing costs, expecting you to pay the rest. Don’t fall for it!
  • If you can’t find any of the books the agency allegedly published, they’re dead-bang scammers

Remember what Dr. Seuss said: Today was good. Toady was fun. Tomorrow is another one.