Terminator Dark Fate: The Future is Female

three women of terminator

My friend Guy at his Protest Emporium occasionally sends me some of his ‘Rant’ letters. This one is from ‘Disappointed in Delaware’, and is worth a look. Between the raging lines, we can spy—I think—a point, though Guy Morley was wise in not responding to it. This rant is clearly of a controversial nature and might stir up strife.

‘Yo Guy, remember when movies were for entertainment purposes? That was great. Good times at home and in the cinema. Now the Hollywood Machine spoon-feeds us its agenda, with each movie more propaganda than diversion. My favorite part of this #rebootingmankind movement is when the film execs tell the world (before the movie is released) how ‘misogynists will hate and smear our movie because they’re afraid of strong women,’ or whatever their new propo is trying to shove down our throats. Even they know their movie is whitewashed hogwash. That’s why they spew their disclaimers beforehand, calling potential viewers trolls (those deplorables); it’s a preemptive attempt at excusing their latest rubbish, and it is hilarious!

brie larson

Movements and equalizing hubbub have their place—JUST NOT IN MY MOVIES.

There are strong female characters aplenty in books and movies that do not require the fem character to man-bash or otherwise denigrate mankind to exalt womankind.

Here’s a quick list of recent propos with ‘strong’ female manbashers, followed by a roll call of whip smart, excellent movies with strong women done right. Manbasher Model 101:

  • Terminator Dark Fate: John Connor is Not Important After All
  • Ghostbusters ‘3’: Answer the Phone, Man
  • Oceans 8: Danny is Dead
  • Incredibles 2: Men Are Useless
  • Pitch Perfects: No Men Allowed, except effeminate or arrogant douches
  • American Psycho 2: The Yawn Fest
  • Star Wars VII – IX

Now the Female-Led Movies that Totally Rock (Because they’re not about replacing men or hating on them, but simply showing how, when forced into a difficult situation, a character—who happens to be female—can rise to the challenge):

  • Star Wars IV – VI
  • Aliens (the greatest female lead in history. Ellen Ripley rocks!)
  • The Hunger Games
  • Silence of the Lambs (Clarice is believably realistic)
  • Erin Brockovich
  • Gone With the Wind – Scarlett O-Hara
  • Sister Act
  • Hocus Pocus

girl covering another girls mouth

Also, Guy, have you noticed that the Machine either has difficulty writing or refuses to write original strong female leads; instead it focuses on slamming us over the head with reboots of movies featuring mostly male casts (without acknowledging that the male leads are usually not misogynists, but simply men being men in the company of other men)? This is their agenda, with which they bash audiences over the head: ‘Those classic iconic male-led movies need to be fixed, and the only way to fix them is to replace them with female leads, so that we know only women can play roles made iconic by men, darn it! And don’t even expect something new until we’ve remade every last classic film filled with toxic masculinity.’)’

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Oh, that makes me chuckle. But it does raise interesting questions, and you can’t help but wonder if Disappointed in Delaware is right about Hollywood attacking classic male-led movies. I mean, those great films were not about men dominating; they were about the story, content of character. I believe these points help make my dystopian-in-progress MANKIND all the more relevant, as all dystopian is.

What do you think about all these female reboots? Should the writers and producers maybe focus more on story and less on agenda? Who knows? They might just entertain, which as Disappointed pointed out, was what movies were all about in their hey-day.

By the way, Mad Max Fury Road is the exception: it doesn’t replace Mad Max with its female co-lead, and she doesn’t dominate him: they overcome their differences and distrust to work together in overcoming a mutual enemy. That is a beautiful thing indeed.