Star Wars (Death) Rey: The Secret Agenda Exposed

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My good friend Guy Morley receives on average 350 email requests every day for his provocative custom products over there at the Protest Emporium.

Most are for various signs, placards, bumper stickers and clothing protesting some right or left wing claptrap or other. But every so often he is sent a commentary from some pollster or scholar pal. He shared this one with me; it’s about Rey from Star Wars and it claims to reveal Disney’ssecret agenda’. I thought it worth sharing with you. If nothing else it might prompt you to consider the influence and power of the stories we tell, and how some use that power to shape the world around them—for better or worse.

The source, as always remains anonymous, but Guy Morley did reveal to me that this post came to him from a journalist operating out of a think tank in southern California:

Once upon a time movies were designed as entertainment. We’d go to the local theater and be transported to a fantastic new world, one where the issues of our society are forgotten in the face of exciting new adventures. For two hours we could forget about this world’s politics, bias, social evils, terrorism and all other horrors, as we witness fictional ones.

Unfortunately Hollywood has decided to use this once venerated medium to illuminate issues of the day. Movies are now often used as vicious fingers, poking sensitive areas of John Q Public. Prodding hot topics better left outside cinema.

Agenda! That’s what has infiltrated our entertainment. Film gems like Gladiator and Memento have fallen by the wayside. No longer are they created to entertain—rather, they are fattened with newspeak (and not the good fat but the bad fat), until they’re bloated with propaganda and metastasize into corpulent monsters of meaninglessness. These vapid vehicles are funded by corrupt media who wish to not only exploit cultural bias but thrust it into the forefront of our social consciousness—and keep it planted firmly there. In this way the 6 corporations manipulate our thinking, what we should like, who we hate and what we should buy.

A prime example in the spotlight now because of the upcoming Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, is Rey of non-canon fame. Here we have a Bellaesque character whose sole purpose in her creator’s minds is to endorse the trend of ousting established white men in favor of inexperienced young women. (No, we won’t bring up the non-issue wage-gap here.)


Watch carefully now how cunning Disney has been.

The movers and shakers in this megacorp knew the most blatant method of destroying (Star Wars) patriarchy involved:

  1. Disregarding its patriarchal creator: ignore George Lucas’ vision
  2. Kill the father: disband Han Solo in a meaningless, pointless death scene
  3. Vanish the One with the power: make Luke Skywalker disappear just . . . because

Note the real-world parallels: Patriarch, Father, CEO. The trinity that feminism seeks to topple.

Ever since #metoo the Big 6 has worked overtime to break up the Patriarchy. This sly plot tells us meatheads that older white males are the cause of all unfairness and bias—and probably global warming too, while we’re at it. In order to achieve female empowerment and accomplish the replacement of the patriarchy with the matriarchy (which somehow means equality in their minds), the older white establishment, the mumblecrust, must be overthrown.

The bigwigs over at Mickey’s playhouse accomplish this in one of the largest cinematic universes by having a young female replace the great pilot rebel and the most powerful Jedi.

We are expected to accept that, somehow, this untrained uninitiated Mary Sue can not only replace two men who possess decades more experience and knowhow, but do it with requiring any training. This is entitlement. Sound familiar?

In another display of appalling gender bias (against men, called misandry), this pretty young thing just expects Chewbacca to remain in the copilots seat so that she can run things.

Image result for chewbacca angry gif

Yes, I totally believe a twenty-something should replace an older male with 200 years of piloting experience and over 4 decades of flying the Millennium Falcon, just because it would be sexist if she didn’t.

So yes, Santa Clause, Virginia does exist, and this one girl can do the job of two experienced men, and we must accept this as obvious and fair, because . . . the future is female?

Look out, Old Saint Nick, you could be next! Only a matter of time before Mrs. Clause reverts to her maiden name, banishes you for your white maleness, and replaces you with her niece.

If you want a strong female lead who doesn’t have to hate men to be strong, and who also displays interesting character traits and is balanced by a tender feminine side, go watch Aliens, Silence of the Lambs, T2, The Piano, the Exorcist, or Contact, to name a few. Hmm, notice how all these movies are over 20 years old. The heyday of strong female leads who do not require dumbed-down males co-stars (Incredibles and Ant Man 2, for example) to be seen as intelligent, has passed.’


The journalists’ point, however livid, makes me ponder the influence stories have on people. On our social consciousness. I mean, Star Wars is all fictional, and yet Disney uses its story as a vehicle to shape public opinion, to shape the conversation. Such powers of persuasion are—to a greater or lesser degree—available to all us novelists. We have this power, this responsibility—to shape the Great Conversation.

What will you add? I know you have something to say about it. Don’t be afraid to put in your two cents—everyone else does, but you have the advantage of a wider range of knowledge and experience. Your words are powerful and unique. You alone can express the depths of your passion and hopefully love. Put them out there. You never know what change they might provoke.