The Joys of Getting Your Work Noticed

custom wood truck bed

It is with meekness that I must confess: my truck is more popular than I am.

They say bloggers should make their blog personal, which makes sense. So instead of the usual bit of stellar quick tips (a bit of humor not hubris here), this is me sharing myself with you. A bit of exposure without the awkward nudity.

So there I were, minding my own business doing a smidge bit of front yard work, when of a sudden some dude in a pipsqueak-of-a-car pulls into my driveway. Dude gets out and says “Man, I saw your truck as I was coming up the road. That thing is awesome can I take a picture?”

As this is not the first (or second or third) time someone has asked me this, I wave a hand. “Go ahead.”

He takes a snap or two and asks the expected question “Did you build that yourself?” and replies to my recited reply with “It’s beautiful, man” a phrase which still leaves me a bit bamboozled.

It has happened before.

Still, wouldn’t it seem strange to you if some random dude knocks on your door in the waning evening light and asks to photograph your daily ride? Well, it happens to me. There I’ll be trying to read in peace when BANG BANG someone’s at the door, wants photographic evidence of my truck, like this is some part of an ongoing investigation.Image result for supernatural gifs

I’ll come out of a store to find someone eyeballing my truck, just casually inspecting it, like this is an unofficial car show. I appreciate the compliments and all, but still, is it cool to just go up to someone’s vehicle and caress it? Because that’s what they do!

I’ve had people bellowing at me from the sidewalk while I’m at a light. “Hey man, that’s cool! You do that yourself?”

The people in the SUV in the next lane honk and tell me ‘We’re posting this on our Facebook.’


And forget about trying to get gas. Gas station people love Dakota. At the risk of sounding ungrateful, my admired truck has given me an inkling of what a B Grade celeb must feel like. And all the while I carry around the knowledge that I did not build her to garner attention. I simply didn’t like doing body work on the fenders, so I built a wooden bed.

But for all that, I am grateful for the attention Dakota receives. I’m still trying to figure out how to leverage this in my writing. Maybe an ad carved into the Douglas fir bumper, or a catchy tagline branded onto the wood slats? Maybe you have an idea?

Just as in writing, you never know what might bring the attention, and what sort of attention it will be. So enjoy your work, and the notice it attracts when it comes.

My truck is one example of how to get your work noticed (not exactly helpful with my writing career yet, but I’m optimistic on this front). Here is a more author-specific example of how to get your work noticed.