Finding Your Niche: How to Write Great Characters

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At some point in your writing career you will begin to notice your strengths and weaknesses.

Your Writing Niche is Your Key to Success 

You can work on your weaknesses. But at the end of the day your writing niche is what you should be primarily focused on improving, where it concerns your writing, anyway. Your niche is your strength, the feature of writing at which you excel above others.

Some writers excel at crafting intricate, well-laid-out plots. Others are masters at creating tension. Some authors know how to include twists, taking the reader down unexpected avenues. Best-selling novelists like J.K. Rowling know how to create fascinating worlds. A few, like Brandon Sanderson are masters at designing original magic-systems. And there are those authors, like Stephen King, who don’t place much stock in plot because they know they are masters at creating engaging characters.

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Discover Your Niche

It has taken time but I have come to believe that my strength, my niche, lies in character development.

I love thinking up unique characters, introducing them in exotic or unexpected ways, and developing them through action and interaction. So I’m going to begin a blog series covering all things ‘character’. We’ll focus on:

  • Creation
  • Introduction
  • Arcs
  • Development
  • And the more subtle (and oft-neglected but still essential) areas such as peccadilloes, quirks, unpredictability, and likeability.

We’ll have some fun with it.

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We’ll explore these fascinating arts of writing through an exploration of great characters in literature, history, TV shows and movies. Hopefully some of the examples and insights and strengths that I have learned and been taught will prove interesting to you and useful in your own developing career.

To commence this exciting series let’s see what Revolution has to offer us (because I just finished watching it and freshness is next to godliness . . . or is that something else?), and then we’ll jump into LOST, which is a master class in character introduction, creation, and arc.

Character can make or break a book, so developing your skills in this writing asset is key to developing your career. Here at buckelsbooks we’ll discover and learn to employ and master the techniques used by best-selling authors. Looking forward to taking this journey with you.

Hope to see you next time!