A Surprising Tip For Overcoming Writer’s Block

float pod backlitToday I floated for the first time!

There is a new-ish way to:

  • Unlock the writer in you
  • Bulldoze your way through writer’s block
  • Discover what comes next in your book

Flotation Therapy is for Writers 

I floated. It was everything they say it is, and it proved especially advantageous for writing! For those who don’t yet know what floatation therapy is, here is an excellent article by journalist Catherine DiBenedetto, on her experience floating and the scientific data behind its benefits.

The unique state produced inside the float pod allowed my writer’s mind to relax and think clearly, without any of the distractions normally associated with the times I try to figure out the next scene or chapter or manuscript (namely other thoughts and the Internet!)

So, during my 60 minute float, I may not have slept, exactly, (most first-time floaters don’t) but answers and resolutions to my writerly interests flowed.

At first it was a novel experience, awkward and strange (you’re naked and floating effortlessly in a public place–though in complete privacy), but after focusing on my breathing I began to hear my heartbeat. Basically I tuned into my body and mind and zoned out of everything else.

happy face thumbs up emoji

It was the perfect condition for writing in your mind. I saw my characters where I had left them, wondering what was going to happen next. Then the answers came. I saw them clear as day. It was so obvious; how could I not have realized their paths before?

By the end of the float  I had the next several chapters lined up, along with character encounters that I had not foreseen before.

Plus, I was super relaxed. Like, better than the best sleep you’ve ever had and a cleaner high than any drug you can take.

I have to thank my brother for letting me float. It’s his float center he’s opening up in western New York, and he was kind enough to let me have one of the first trials.

Highly recommend you float. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to write next–scene, chapter, or manuscript–you might consider giving it a float.

If nothing else, you’ll come out of it refreshed and destressed. That’s right: You’ll float too–

God bless you’re writing!