The Best Ebook Sale of 2019 (Many Ebooks For Free!)

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For those who love books, and who love discounted books even more, Smashwords is having a site-wide sale right now, March 3 through the 9th.

Here is a link to the Smashwords page filled with steeply discounted books. You’ll find just about every genre that could possibly interest you.

Many of my ebooks are also available. Some of these, including Iconocop, first book of my urban fantasy Mythcorp Series, is free. You’ll also find my serial killer thriller, Ichabod, and the entertaining parody/expose of self-help books: The (Psycho) Path to Success for 50% off.

There’s plenty for your enjoyment and illumination, all deeply discounted, some for free.

So take advantage of this special 1 week offer

(Forgive the sales line, but you know we have to include keywords). Go ahead and browse the site, and if you like, check out Secrets of the Wand, an exciting inside-peek at the world of W.A.N.D., my YA fantasy, currently free on Smashwords.

Thank you, and enjoy your reading!

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