Smashwords 1 Week Sale of Urban Fantasy and YA Ebooks

smashwords 2019 banner blue and whiteSmashwords is hosting a site-wide sale for nine days, starting March 3.

If you are interested in urban fantasy, serial-killer fiction, YA fantasy or Christian exploration, then go ahead and click on the links, and you can enjoy any or all of your favorite genres from my library at steep discounts. A few of these ebooks will even be available for free–for 1 week.

Smashwords vs. Amazon

Amazon may be a juggernaut platform, but when it comes to its authors it is a bully. It employs complex big-brother-ish algorithms to control its book reviews, and it takes a 70% chomp out of your profits. Smashwords on the other hand is very user-friendly. (The only real drawback is that it makes things a little too-easy, so that thousands of writers whose work is not quite ready for publication use its resources to publish their unedited work.)

The urban fantasy link above will take you to my Iconocop sales page on Smashwords, where you will find the ebook for free (starting March 3).

It is the first book in the so-far 4 book Mythcorp series. The first three ebooks are an open-and-closed trilogy, with the fourth being a young adult fantasy set in the same world. It is a true pleasure writing Mythcorp books. They’re similar in tone and fantasy trappings to Jim Butcher’s Dresden series. Which is awesome.

harry dresden magician smiling

My serial killer novel, Ichabod, is unique in the true crime genre because he isn’t simply a killer. Unlike other serial murderers, he is capable of changing his MO, and throughout the novel he evolves to mass murderer, to terrorist, all under the belief that by decreasing the population he will decrease crime rates. It is a terrifying ‘Malthusian’ theory and Ichabod presents it with such passion and rationale that readers cannot help but wonder if perhaps he is right.

man slipping on a bloodied gloveAs Karen Banes advises on her tip-filled post for selling ebooks, it’s wise to write in numerous genres, and so I have. There’s a flavor in my library for readers of many palates. So I trust you will find something there you’ll enjoy on March 3-9. Most of them will be free or only $1.50.

If you happen to enjoy the one you pick, perhaps you would be kind enough to leave a review of it at Smashwords or Amazon?

Thank you, and you’re awesome!