Surprising Ways to Promote Your E-Books

open book with sparklesIf you’ve been wondering about unique ways to promote your books–and therefore your career–then I hope this post will help you on your way.

Boldness and ingenuity are the keys you seek

Robert McParland’s BEST-SELLER: A Century of America’s Favorite Books is filled with hundreds of best-selling books. How did all these authors manage to boost credibility and create reader interest in their manuscripts?

They were bold and employed ingenuity in their methods of promotion. When all the standard methods fell short, they took the next step.

Because they knew the grim statistics, like the following:

2018 saw 304,000 new books published in America! And that’s only those published traditionally. A record 1,000,000 books were self-published!

Amid such vast numbers it is inevitable that hundreds of thousands will be buried under the onslaught of words–including most probably yours and mine.

So you have to make your work stand out

There are countless ways to do this. But to harness your manuscripts’ potential and make the masses stand up and take note, you need to embrace two essential tips.

(1) Be unique (or ingenious) in the ways you promote your books. If you want to truly stand out among the million new books to be published this year, you need to think of techniques of self-promotion that few others even consider.

(2) Be bold in your promotion. Don’t be afraid to stand on the rooftops and shout forth praises for your new book. (Don’t actually do this though, as it won’t help–probably.)

agatha christie

Agatha Christie, best-selling novelinst in history, did something so bizarre that to this day no one is truly sure what happened and why. But we know one thing: it boosted interest in her, and by extension, in her books. She vanished for eleven days. A huge search was conducted, strange signs discovered, and when she was found it was not as anyone had expected (it was much like one of her books). Check out the fascinating story here, at

Continue doing all the suggested things, like promoting and participaing at Goodreads, making book trailers, Facebook promotions, giveaways, discounts, email lists, and all that jazz. Everyone else is already doing all those things too.

So don’t forget to be unique in addition to the above methods.

In boldness you become fearless!

Ask yourself, what do I have to lose in boldly promoting my work? If it’s not selling, then you’re not risking much in doing something bold to sell it, now are you? Successful book promoters have:

  • Sold copies out of their trunks
  • Gone in person to publishers and agents
  • Purchased ad space in unexpected publications
  • Given away short stories connected to their full length book

You need to start thinking of your work and yourself in positive, bold, and unique ways:

  1. Consider yourself a professional author
  2. Know that your work is of high quality
  3. Don’t be afraid to self-promote (no one else will do it for you until you do it first)
  4. Love your baby
  5. Let your light shine
  6. You have what it takes
  7. You are the absolute best person to write that story; you are the authority, the expert on your created world
  8. Have fun doing what you love (it is a privilege and a gift to be able to write, so if you can learn to make money doing this, more power to you!

collection of fantasy book covers

Remember, once you get the ball rolling through your own unique and bold ways, your career will begin to take off. If you have already achieved some success in this regard, perhaps you could be good enough to share your idea will your fellow writers here? That’s the great thing about this industry, we’re not competitors.

A success story for one writer is inspiration for the rest of us! Thank you, and God bless