Social Engineering Exposed

Dear Readers,

Tonight I tear aside the curtain of lies and misinformation to reveal a truth kept in the dark for too long. More importantly, I share with you the method for healing this broken nation. What I suggest here will seem avant-garde, drastic even. And while I am certain it is the answer America needs, I am just as certain that no one will ever implement it.

But you decide for yourself.

Through systemic studies of our history and in reflections of current events, it has become clear that most of the protests, riots, revolutions, cultural battles, suicides and wars are caused by a single evil.

This evil has always existed, has always caused unrest in every facet of human existence. But not so long ago it was given a huge boost, exponentially increasing its potential for harm, all under the guise of social advancement.

Just a few years after 9/11 this boost emerged through the creation of a new medium.

At first it seemed a godsend, a tool promising to unite a disparate nation. ‘Connect with friends and family, share photos, and send messages.’ We dove in, embracing it with vim and vigor. It wasn’t long before we became addicted, and in the span of a few short years it became our de-facto god. We learned to rely on it for current information and news, for trends and ‘relevant’ topics. Inevitably, trolls and clever shysters began to use this system as a powerful means of broadcasting their opinions and diatribes and agendas, passing off the hate they gave as new-age gospel. They thought of themselves as broad-minded, their messages as intelligent manifestos for a changing world.

Shortly they formed cliques and groups, applying labels and demanding they be taken seriously, all while gathering vast influence.

And so, what began as a noble attempt to unite multicultural masses into one cohesive world wide web of humans, has been twisted by a few ignoble individuals, until today it is nothing less than a breeding ground for trolls, a cesspool of hatred. It has become the Cult of Personality. ‘Like me’ they say. ‘Friend me’ they plead. But there is no like, there is no genuine friendship promoted.

  • I sell the things you need to be
  • I’m the smiling face on your T.V.
  • I’m the cult of personality
  • I exploit you, still you love me

In select cases, social media provided a voice for those who were better left voiceless. And those already with a voice hijacked it to boost their influence; Fortune 500 companies now us it as their primary mode for setting trends, spreading agendas; and through their unchecked illicit technologies they are steadily turning it into a libertarian state with anarchist tendencies.

Those few who run the most influential platforms have become Thought Police, each secretly striving to convince the teeming masses that their opinion is gospel. They would have us believe whatever they say is ‘truth’. They use mass media to flog their propaganda, each delivering their own big lie, using the art of spectacle to sway whole populations into drinking their brand of Kool-Aid.

Their social engineering techniques are honed to razor sharpness. They know what they are doing, as the devil knows what he is doing. And next to the devil, the greatest evil in our world is indubitably influence.

Perhaps it began innocently enough—but then, the Black Death began with a single rat and a few fleas.

What is social media if not the broadest and most successful attempt at social engineering in history?

For those with influence it is the perfect mode to gather vast amounts of personal data. In these places, individuals willingly share personal information. We think we are being social, but all the while we are handing over our privacy and our freedom to be individuals.

I know why it began.

But that no longer matters. What matters today is INFLUENCE, and those who wield it.

Those with influence are the ones with true power. Forget politics and wealth; today’s movers and shakers are those with the biggest voice, the ones with the most ‘followers’.

Oh yes, it is no coincidence that cult leaders and social media influencers both have ‘followers’.

They entice you with promises of instant gratification: bikini pics and easy recipes, deals and discounts, and ads of every flavor to suit every lust and desire of humankind.

We have entered an age where government bows to the whims of the few, of those with prevalent voices. We should never fear our governments, but we should fear losing our national and individual identities. Instead we worship the very influencers who are filching these precious gifts. Social media has allowed a few isolated individuals to attain as much power as a whole state! And it has given unprecedented influence to those individuals already in the public domain—celebrities and personalities.

This medium corrupts. Because it exists we are not allowed to simply mourn the victims of school shootings; instead, this system provides a voice for the voiceless. Again, innocent enough, but through this medium the survivors have learned to use tragedies to create influence for themselves. They capitalize on misfortune and thrust their agendas on a mourning nation, all because they are able to.

Then there are the celebrities. What sad series of events led us to valuing the opinion of a celebrity over anyone else’s opinion regarding government? We allow our cinematic heroes to influence our views of politicians and international dealings, rather than thinking and deciding for ourselves.

It is these influencers who incite protests and riots, revolutions and wars. They tell you to be angry, to hate the system or certain men. They tell you what to wear and what to believe. They tell you to love yourself and hate no one—except all those who dare to think differently. They refuse to be body-shamed but then pose shamefully and post their photos on social media. These influencers blame everyone for the violence in the world, all while instigating unrest on every level of civilization through hateful diatribes and inflammatory speeches.

My dear friends, there is only one answer, only one way to stop the riots, the rampant hatred, the protests and revolutions and movements, and all the other unhappy events which inevitably lead to violence and unrest and arguments and wars.

Are ready? Remember I told you no one would ever implement it.

The answer, my fellow Americans, is to put an end to all social media and mass communication. There must be no one of influence, no one who can shape the opinions of whole populations; and the only way to do this is to turn off the noise, switch off the news, stop the instant sharing of opinions passed off as facts.

For centuries the Roman Catholic Church, led by the Pope, wielded enormous influence, deciding the eternal fates of countless souls.

Jim Jones had influence. He used it to convince 914 people to kill themselves; among his victims were 276 children.

Hitler used his influence to convince his followers to slaughter millions.

Weinstein (allegedly) used his influence to have his way with dozens of young hopeful girls trying to break into the industry. As a consequence of this corrupt influence, a movement was started, which has led to the dismissals of men all over America—the only evidence required to destroy them being an accusation.

Influence. It has to stop. You know that now. They instigate. They stir the masses, leaving a fractured angry people in their wake. Their voices must be silenced: not through violence or retaliation, but through an age-old parenting technique: take away their favorite toy.

Without the power to influence, to instantly voice their provocative dissatisfaction to millions, they will be rendered harmless. Alive and well—and unable to cause harm.

I realize that what I am proposing is nearly impossible, and will never be implemented. It would mean a world of Amish folk. ‘I see skies of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night. And I think to myself what a wonderful world.’

What more do we really need?

Do we really need news networks thrusting their opinions upon us?

Do we need celebrities donating to charities while strutting around under $250,000 worth of jewelry?

Need we witness live suicides, brought on by the very social media which neglected to like these poor souls?

Need we a constant influx of streaming expletives and sexual exploits?

How has any of it improved our lives? Has any of it brought us meaning and purpose?

As you know, people will protest and rage till the cows come home, but for me and mine, we will not allow ourselves to be influenced by mass media and social contraventions any longer. God bless, and goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are . . .

(Some of their nefarious techniques are exposed in the eye-opening parody/expose of the self-help industry: The (Psycho) Path to Success, found here)