Please, No More Remakes

A gadzooked movie aficionado recently turned to Guy Morley, who runs the Protest Emporium, for help with a nagging issue.

In the spirit of the times she realized the only way to handle her frustration was to protest the cause of her frustration. Her hope is that Mr. Morley can provide her with an official-looking ‘cease and desist’ order that she can then send to Hollywood producers. Here’s the TwitOrder she sent him:

Hey Guy my eyes are literally soar from watching all the crappy sequels prequels And expecially all the re-makes. out there So we were hoping u could get us 1 of those cease and resist orders judges give but not to often? U see i cant take anymore budgering of my fav films, I donot need a oceans 8 u know 12 oceans was ennuf and don’t even get me started on robcop cuz that shizz was a tote letdown I cried in my slippers 4 ours afterwards. Lotsa ppl agree with me and promise to sign a waiver—I think thats what u call it. we need to stop these remakes before they take are innocents! Is nothing pretious Anymore? Cant Hollywood thing of something knew? Uknow what I need, send ur peeps around when u got the order printed up right—peace out


You know, I think barbieonabobby has a point. There’s something terribly stale about remakes; it’s like you’ve seen and heard it all before–because you have.

The same goes for books. It’s getting harder to find original stories–especially in YA fiction. It’s always the same old sarcastic, precious teen girl who discovers she has some kind of power and/or potent mystical heritage and is therefore the only person in the world capable of saving the world.

So when you find those rare gems, those unique beauties, you eat them up. They are truly delightful. Books like Fablehaven and Lariel just give me shivers of reading pleasure.

This disappointing dilemma is one of the reasons why I am crafting a dystopian work that specifically tosses those tropes on their heads. Instead of a nuclear holocaust or alien takeover or Supreme Evil Corporation destroying the world or making everyone subservient, I go another, more original route–one I was surprised to discover no one has yet explored.

This book also features (among its wide third-person PoV cast) a pair of young adults who seem to be main characters.

But as I will show, this is actually a mislead, designed to add depth and a sense of unpredictability to the plot. After all, in a broken world, it is unlikely two teenagers will decide the fate of everyone. Realism

So as you write up your next outline or as you continue crafting your current novel, keep in mind that originality is refreshing. Don’t be afraid to do the unexpected. Hurt your darlings, and always, always remember to own that manuscript. Make it shine with your original voice, tone and mastery.

Copying best-sellers might work, but do you really want to be a sheep following the butt of other sheep, or would you rather choose your own path?