Just Another Day at the Protest Emporium

Guy of Guy Morley’s Protest Emporium was checking his TwitOrders when he stumbled on a doozy.

It was in the belly of the day, when he was usually too tired to listen to any more protesting opinions. But, as Jimmy the Millennial had taken the day off to join a medical marijuana rally, Guy had no choice but to respond to the orders.

One question went precisely like this:

i totes just found out bout ur store dere! dju have protest sign Legalize Gay Abortion? 4 reels? cuz i need me one of them before dey take r rights on dat,. u know wut im taking bout cuz u a biznass owner (@rondaonahonda)

“Legalizing gay abortion?” Guy dropped into his chair to try and riddle that one out. “Is that even a thing? What the flip does that even mean?”

Eventually, even without Jimmy’s guidance, he came to realize that this Ronda must be the same Twitter fiend who had been trolling him recently, and this question was just another example of a patrolling troll trolling another business.

At least, he thought it must be, because gay abortion couldn’t be a thing, could it?

Shaking his head and standing, Guy Morley deleted the TwitOrder question and walked to the fabricating mill in the back. He had an order of pink hats to fill for the upcoming woman’s march, and had no intention of being late. If rondaonahonda was legit, she would Tweet him back . . .

It’s great that we can have protests, exercising our rights, expressing our opinions. But it seems that many people just like to make a big noise. After all, our young people boast that they ‘know how to be loud and get attention’ (like babies?) and act as if this is making loud noises or being the loudest in the room is somehow progressive. We have to wonder, exactly what are our protests teaching the next generation? I don’t know. Just food for thought. At least they’re trying.