A Writer’s Guide to Finding Your Muse

Sometimes it’s good to let go and have a little fun with your prose. So, on that line of thought . . .

Oh, praise! Praise, to what matters most.

But what exactly matters most to you? What takes the top spot in your mind, what shape does your utmost priority take? Is it the almighty desire? What I want comes first, because I’m special and screw everyone else. Is that the way of it? Or is it something on a more personal level? Does your Number 1 Most Important Thingum reside not in material accumulation, but in fleshly conquests? Lust of the eyes, and all that?

Maybe it is something else altogether.

Maybe what you prize above all else is a sense of purpose. If so, more power to you. Already you have zeroed in on the very thing which lends meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

Master this conundrum and everything else will fall into place, just as nice as you please.

Of course, this mastery requires years of searching and study and honing of the mind and spirit. The real trick is figuring out what gives you a sense of purpose. It’s different for everyone.

For some people a helpless toddler is all the purpose they need; for others this very thing is their idea of the Seventh Level of Hell.

That which provides you with the essential Sense of Purpose can be almost anything, but at the end of the day, whatever your SoP is, know that it is offered and provided by God, your Creator. After all, meaning and purpose can come only from a life that was meaningfully and purposefully created.

It is a hard thing indeed, to try and find meaning in accidents.

And oh what joy comes from knowing this, that your life has meaning and purpose. You were not an accident or a mere consequence. You were fearfully and wonderfully made.

So whatever your hands find to do, do with all your might.

If that ‘doing’ is writing, then create; if we are truly made in His image, then doesn’t He bless those who seek to create? It is this very understanding which explains this writers’ sudden acknowledgment of his Creator.

Sense of purpose, fulfillment, joy.

These are wonderful life aspects. Seek them. Grab hold of them and when you have embraced and imbibed these delights, share them with the world. You were created for a purpose. You were designed by an intelligent, loving Creator. Let this knowledge fill you up with gratitude and drive—and then put your gifts and hard-earned skills to work, striving to bless your little corner of the world with your own creations.

Of all my fictions, my characters and worlds, the most noble and humble and godly and inspiring one must be Henry Sprinkle, blind coroner and amateur sleuth (though even I am not sure if he believes). All I know is that he enjoys life and uses his sense of purpose to make the world a better place, one life at a time, taking each day as it comes, a gift from the Creator. Be bold! Share your gift. As for me, I am sharing Sprinkle for free. If you like, go ahead and try his first story here for free.

A collection of his short stories is available on Amazon. I hope his little adventures bring a smile to your face!