A Short Story About Gun Control

I would like to share a short story with you, for free.

The Shooting of Amy Rose is now available for downloading at Amazon! It opens with a church shooting; Brian Collins survives a shot to his leg, but his fiancé Amy Rose, is gunned down. While lying in bed, disgusted with useless gun control measures, he receives a vision in the night, of a device that could protect the innocent. If it works, the device will disarm and ID potential shooters, while bypassing the gun control debate.


Brian’s investor, with his shady past, proves to be a colossal liability, while throughout the story Brian encounters a mysterious dark lady with designs of turning his heart back to God. Despite her gentle nudges (and delicious baked goods), Brian refuses to forgive Amy’s shooter, and defiantly turns his back on God.

The question then becomes: Can a man without faith give Americans hope?

(Even the idea of a gun control measure called GVRO, as posted by Washington Post, is questionable. This measure relies on potential shooters letting people know beforehand that they intend to shoot people. My device in The Shooting of Amy Rose, while perhaps a bit sci-fi, bypasses the debate entirely, to disarm only those Americans who indubitably seek to harm other Americans.)

While I am proud of my other works, fiction and non-fiction alike, their value lies more in entertainment and (in the case of Take it to the Bank) education, The Shooting of Amy Rose is first and foremost a relevant tale. It takes the polarizing conversation about gun control and turns it on its head, posing an alternative to useless measures that even policymakers don’t expect to work.

It also boldly examines the nature and potential power of faith, and poses the question of God’s role in modern America, and whether those hurt by gun violence can find their way to trusting Him.

Due to Amazon’s rule of allowing authors to make their works available for free for only 5 days every 3 months, The Shooting of Amy Rose will be free for only another couple days. I urge you to take advantage of this promotional time. But don’t worry if you have a large TBR list and don’t feel up to another book at the moment; this short story will be only .99 cents come the end of the week.

And it is well worth a look, if for no other reason than to inspire faith and hope. If you download it, and if you enjoy it, I would ask you kindly if you could take a moment to leave a review on Amazon, as this helps promote the work and brand. Remember, we authors and self-publishers are coworkers. We help each other out.

God bless you, and keep writing. You never know where your next story will take you!