Free Self-Help E-Book Giveaway: Insights into the Self-Improvement Genre

As thanks to my wonderful readers, I am giving away my book The (Psycho) Path to Success.

It is an expose/parody of the self-help industry. I want to share the insight I have been given into a genre that–for the most part—deviously deceives its readers, with tactics designed to enrich, not its followers, but its authors.

Self-help gurus and life coaches make millions with their books and ‘life mastery retreats’ while making unfounded claims that if you follow their expert advice, you too will have everything you want. (All you have to do is buy into their schemes: they sell hope, so you can buy it.)

In The (Psycho) Path, I expose their tactics and deceptions, using one of their own tropes against them: the classic 7 Steps format. Steve Salerno’s own brilliantly researched expose on the self-help industry—SHAM—was very informative, but ultimately it turned even me away. It was clear the man had bones to pick with self-help. His tone was angry, hateful.

So I employ a more playful tone in my expose, treating it like a parody, but filled with incites and tips on how to free yourself from the expensive schemes of these sham artists.

It is my gift to you, for free until November 26, this Sunday. After that, Amazon will force me to start charging for it. Grab it up for free while you can (it’ll still be only .99 cents after Sunday) and discover why (most) self-help spiels inspire, motivate, and exalt you, but ultimately fail to improve your life; and how (most) life-coaches stroke your ego while draining your bank account.

Remember, not all self-help books are deceptive and underhanded. Some select few are genuinely designed to help people. But they are the minority. Beware how you browse the Self-Help shelves.

The playful tone of my little e-book is wonderfully captured by J.P Sears, in his How to Be a Life Coach YouTube video. Check it out down below, and don’t forget to grab The (Psycho) Path to Success for FREE if you want to find out how a multi-billion dollar industry is duping millions of Americans. Happy reading!

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