3.5 Steps to Finding Relevant Keywords for Your Amazon Ad Campaign

Phew! Kindlepreneur’s tutorial for running an Amazon AMS ad campaign was extensive. I applaud his work and thank him for his extremely helpful content. Hopefully I will be able to apply his advice to a successful campaign for my YA fantasy, W.A.N.D. in a few days. For now I am going to quickly share with you his technique for acquiring useful keywords–and then offer a less expensive (AKA poor man’s) method.

If you haven’t seen his tutorial (specifically Parts 3.2 and 3.3 videos), Dave Chesson suggests that you go to Amazon, under Kindle Books, and type in any keywords you think readers would search for when looking for your book (or similar books). He is almost obscenely detailed in this. Which is probably a good thing. His example is to search for the genre, and then add a letter after the genre to see what Amazon suggests. This leads you from Space Warfare to Space Warriors to Space War Fiction to Space Wars Books, etc. And that’s just Space ‘W’, so you can see how quickly your keywords add up.

Then add synonyms for those genre suggestions.

Then search each of those genres and see what other books Amazon ‘recommends’ in the recommend section. Add those to you Excel Sheet Keyword List.

Then add related books titles, series names, and author names to your list.

Then add the Also Purchased books Amazon provides to your list.

To the right of the Top Books category is a Hot and New Books link. Click on this and add those books to your metastasizing list.

You can see how tedious this becomes. It takes a long time and will wear your fingers and wrists out.

KDP Rocket to the Rescue!

This is why he created the software KDP Rocket. Dave goes through this long slog, then makes certain you understand it is a huge chore that only suckers will perform. Then he introduces his baby: KDP Rocket! You simply type in your book genre (or any useful keyword) and POOF, Rocket does all the work for you. All those steps up there, done in a flash praise the Lord!

But, there’s a catch.

And it’s one the Kindlepreneur doesn’t seem to realize is a catch: Rocket is expensive. About $100. Now, for someone pulling in a six-figure passive income, 100 bucks is a drop in the bucket. But for those of us struggling to break out (or is it break in?), this is an issue, a hurdle to overcome with ingenuity and the scrappiness of underdogs the world over.

So what is a poor man to do? First, you do the long slog, follow that tedious keyword collection technique he introduced in the beginning.

But I also used Hoth keyword. It’s free. Now, it’s not specifically targeted for ebooks; it seems to mostly conjure up movie and culture references, but these can be useful to, in thinking outside the box.

Never underestimate the value of free sites.

Did that sound ironic?

Just so we’re clear, I am not denigrating Dave. He offers ALOT of valuable content for free. But, like most top earners, he has developed a different perspective—an elevated one, if you will. Those of us still clinging to the lower rungs of the Publishing Ladder will just have to scrounge around for the free content (or come here to my blog and be directed to it) and work the long game.

But that’s just one poor man’s point of view. Perhaps one day soon I too will view $100 dollars as a pittance to laugh at. For now, I work the long game, and wish myself and you, my fellow writers, Godspeed! Until next time . . .

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