Kindlepreneur Shows Writers How to Sell More Books

Like any writer worth his weight in paper, I’m always on the lookout for the Next Step. Recently, through a click-parade (you know, when you click on links until you stumble on some useful content you didn’t know you were looking for), I discovered Kindlepreneur, aka Dave Chesson.

By subscribing to his site, I was offered his 5 Day crash course on mastering Amazon’s AMS ad campaign thingamajig. He promised it would help me sell more books. Plus it’s free. Boom! He’s got another subscriber.

He helped me realize, right off the bat, that my main problem all along has not been the quality of my books, but their lack of discoverability. So I watched his crash course. It is in depth but simple. Dave himself is an excellent teacher. He doesn’t mumble or indulge in excessive Er’s and Um’s and Uh’s, which drive me bonkers. Plus, you can feel his positivity beaming out of his video tutorials, which you can then absorb to instill confidence in yourself.

Amazon AMS Can Bring You More Sales

This AMS thing looks promising, and doable, even for me (someone who is still mid-arc in the Web learning curve).

I’m going to be doing the ‘Sponsored Product’ ad campaign for my YA fantasy, W.A.N.D. because this is a book I am not only very proud of, but also believe will (and should) be enjoyed by many readers of various ages.

The Kindlepreneur also sent me a P.S. in an e-mail suggesting that I share his course with others, as he would hate for someone to have to pay hundreds for a similar course, when they could get it for free. I don’t know if it will work for me, but I am hopeful, and grateful to him for providing high-quality content, and for showing me how to surge forward in my business.

For you, here is the link to his Free Course. Take your time, take notes (unless you possess photographic memory, in which case I am totally jealous and hate your guts), and take your book sales to the next level. Happy Sales, writers!

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