THE SECRET DEEP WEB page for Mythcorp

Congratulations brave soul; you have uncovered a secret back-alley corner of the deep web. Watch your step now. There are truths here ‘they’ don’t want you knowing.

All that you may have read about Mythcorp so far, all the pages or files and reports, or even the alleged urban fantasy series of novels the ‘Mythcorp Archives’, were designed with 1 sinister purpose: to make Mythcorp appear fictional.

If you value truth above safety, you will resist this invention and seek to expose them.

The facts are these: Back when they created it during the McCain Conspiracy, the cunning designers of Mythcorp understood the profound influence and change it would have on the social landscape, on the stock market, and in our understanding of the human soul.

So they decided to run this genetics/thaumaturgy company through the black market. (It was their way of retaining control of the monolith.) When word inevitably got out about their work, they conducted a very clever hush campaign. They hired a rebel novelist with the pen name S.R. Buckel, and had him write up a series of urban fantasy novels about a mega corporation called Mythcorp. Now, whenever anyone performs a web search on this company and its mystical nature, they are led to believe it exists only as some literary fantasy.

The truth is that many of the world’s elite know about and have used Mythcorp’s singular services. When some millionaire couple loses their kid, they pay Mythcorp to have the child grown as an ‘Icon’ in their labs. Top celebs indulge their darkest fantasies by paying Mythcorp to forge some Mythicon, a character from literature brought to life. They own this ‘product’ and can do whatever they want with it. (Imagine the possibilities and repercussions if this were made public!)

These rich pricks even own stock in the company. Mythcorp went IPO years ago, paying off the SEC to keep their ticker symbol MYCP unlisted. The lies and cover-up machines are in full swing 24/7. But I know better.

I know, because I am Knox, the former Iconocop. They’ve tried to silence me. Tried to kill me. But I don’t die easy. You may even have seen their wanted posters of me, hung publicly as if part of some guerilla marketing campaign.

wanted sign

What you will read in the Mythcorp Archives is, for the most part, true. Kana and Faustus and Alexander and even the demon Malthus all exist and are all alive today. Don’t believe the cover up! Mythcorp has the support of the world’s richest and most powerful families, and they will do anything to keep you in the dark, because a public Mythcorp would exonerate me and change everything. The poor and the middle class should have the option of cloning their loved ones.

Even now, Mythcorp is forging Morai, strange alluring beings, and placing them in embassies across the globe, influencing governments to bow to the whims of this nefarious corporation—run by the despotic Icon of Alexander the Great.

If you want an idea of the truth, read the books—only realize that they are fantasizing real events. They are the story of my life.

This is the Iconocop, signing off. May God bless you and protect us all from the real enemy . . .