Being PC: A Parody of Political Correctness

Remember learning pronouns in school? Referring to a boy as ‘he’ or ‘him’? Referring to a girl as ‘she’ or ‘her’?

Yeah, well according to political correctness today, that’s wrong! Now if a woman (‘person who identifies as a female’) wishes, you must refer to her as ‘they’.

Same goes for a man (a person who identifies as a male). Or rather, you must refer to those formerly known as hims or hers but who no longer identify with a gender, as ‘they’, or them.

They even made up a new pronoun to go along with this PC narrative: Xe or Xem.

My latest work explores this and many other hilarious aspects of modern Political Correctness, in BEING PC. Just published, fresh off the press.

Don’t worry snowflakes, it does not mock those struggling with their identity, but rather ‘jabbs’ the narrative pushing such things on us all.

Joe Bloe is a straight white male, who just wants to earn a living. But before he can begin working, Walmartz forces him to endure a series of Equity and InclusionTraining Seminars, where he must do battle with mighty Warriors of Social Justice. Through a grueling ordeal, he discovers he is racist, bigoted, and wrong about nealry everything, which gives him a stomach disorder.

Things get really bamboozling when he encounters a stunning transwoman, a man named Broccoli, fat ‘new beautiful’ persons, and every other PC micro aggression under the sun!

If you’re tired of all the race-baiting and super strange terms like gender fluidity, and want to know you’re not alone in your confusion, follow your average Joe through his epic adventures in POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!


The #1 Way to Write Characters That People Will Adore

It’s a simple trick, and George R. Martin mastered it.

Here is the #1 way to creating a bond between your readers and your characters:

Hurt them.

Pretty simple but Machiavellian, right? Sure, but you have to do it in a slick, almost conniving way, without coming off as manipulative. Of course, there are many ways to make your characters likeable;  give them an endearing trait,  include a physical limitation, write them as sympathetic to certain people (the poor, the afflicted, the voiceless), or make them swashbuckling.

One of the surest ways, however, is to make your characters sympathetic in themselves. Create sympathy for them from your reader. You do this by putting your character through the ringer, hurting them.

In doing this, you basically draw out the humanity from your reader, making them care for your character because they see what he/she is going through.

This is an especially useful writer’s trick when trying to make a villain or anti-hero likable.

One of the best examples I’ve seen of this is Jamie Lannister from The Song of Ice and Fire series. Jamie starts out as a conceited, heartless person. Completely unlikable. He pushes a child out of a window for goodness sake! You can’t get much more slimy and despicable than that.

And yet, eventually, we not only cast aside our hatred of this despicable character, but we are actually starting to like him. In fact, we come to think of him as one of the good guys (there is a second writer’s trick Martin excels at here, and I’ll share that one too).

Martin creates sympathy for Jamie Lannister by hurting him. He gets him captured, and even has another character chop off his hand–his sword hand! Then he goes through despair, torture, agony, and all the while, without you realizing it’s happening, you begin to feel for this attempt child murderer. HURT YOUR DARLINGS (in your stories, not in real life).

The second trick to creating sympathy for any villain, is to put on display an even more inhuman character, place this one in the same room as your first baddie, and showcase the second baddie’s even more villainous traits, making your first seem not so bad after all.

This is what Martin did with Jamie Lannister by displaying Cersei Lannister’s even worse inhumanity insanity.

There you are, a couple of dirty writer’s hacks to making even evil characters likable.

Now go forth and hurt your darlings (in fiction).

How to Protect Yourself From Covid Policies

They killed my father.

I don’t know how to respond . . . except to warn others, to warn you, so that our enemies don’t do the same thing to you or your loved one.

How do you respond when a loved one is taken? What if that loved one was taken through policies in healthcare—policies designed not to heal, but to fatten hospital coffers?
Do you grieve but do nothing to help others suffering beneath the same policies?
Absolutely not!
This work I have written and published is the result of a profound loss caused by policies. You will discover as we did the shocking revelations about health ‘care’ and how it has been incentivized.
HOW TO SURVIVE COVID POLICIES is designed to expose in detail the methods enacted in healthcare to: label, harm, and ultimately end life. All in the name of greed. This work exists to stop the terrible suffering and loss enacted by unamerican policies.
URGENT: If you or anyone you know is labeled with a ‘C’ in the hospital, you need to arm yourself today with this revealing document. Had this guide been available during my Dad’s term in the hospital, he might still be with us today . . .

I cannot express the sorrow at my loss, except to say that the world seems a little quieter without him. This life seems . . . less. How do you move on when a loved one is taken?

For me, one of the most terrible aspects of this is that it did not need to happen. It could have been prevented. It can be prevented for others. Because the same policies that took my father’s life are being used today against countless other innocents.

That is why I wrote HOW TO SURVIVE COVID POLICIES IN THE HOSPITAL. So that those suffering under the same conditions, will have a resource, a guide to surviving it, a way out, a path to returning home safely and being restored. My dad had pneumonia. They did not treat his pneumonia until we demanded they take him off that terrible C drug and give him an antibiotic! When he began improving on the antibiotic, they took him off and placed him on a different drug, which again made him regress. These shocking unmedical moves were prompted by C policies, and they were only the beginning of horror they put my Dad through.

I record it all and show you how to recognize their methods, policies, patterns, and even the psychological techniques they use to break patients, killing their will to live.

If you know anyone in the hospital today, who has been COVID labeled, you need to get this book into their hands. It is available in eBook and paperback format on Amazon.

It’s not only hospital C policies that are harming Americans. Almost all C policies in all sectors cause harm. It was C policy that forced my Dad and Mom to wait outside in December while their car was worked on, and during which time it is likely my father contracted his pneumonia.

You don’t have to walk around under a cloud of misinfo or duped-ness; you can know what they are doing and how to survive it all. HOW TO SURVIVE COVID POLICIES is a guide to surviving snares set up everywhere.

PROVERBS 24:11-12Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, ‘surely we did not know this,’ does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?