Democracy: Why Citizens Are More Important than their Government

Here are some quotes from the wise and righteous C.S. Lewis, concerning democracy. I think you will find them revealing and encouraging.


How true that it. As patriot Samuel Adams warned:

‘If ever a time should come when vain and aspiring men (people) should possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.’

Currently we suffer beneath a regime, illegitimate, which is illegitimately passing legislation designed to keep them in power perpetually, while diminishing the lives and livelihood of we the people. This nonsense Inflation Reduction Act, is filled with dozens of radical commie policies, none of which are designed to reduce inflation.

Proof of this is revealed by the very words they installed in this commie bill: ‘Extreme weather worsened by climate change is a hidden cause of inflation . . . heavy rainfall, heat waves and droughts erode agriculture, infrastructure, and workers’ ability to stay on the job . . .’

So, they are blaming inflation on the theory of climate change.

Oh, right

Even if climate change were a real thing (as if we never had heat waves, forest fires, droughts, or rain before), these weather phenomena never caused inflation before. They are merely disguising the fact that government overspending and the extreme minting of cash money cause inflation.

They instigate inflation.

They burn down manufacturing and food processing plants and fertilizer buildings.

Then they make up a story about a climate crisis.

Then they blame their manufactured issues on their conjured fiction.

All while persecuting belief in God, because Christianity is the encouraging moral alternative to a godless regime that causes crushing poverty, moral decay, and national slavery. Remember, whenever truth is suppressed, there you find a regime.

Let’s here some more encouraging truth from good old C.S. Lewis

“If Christianity is true, then the individual is not only more important (than the government) but incomparably more important, for he is everlasting and the life of a state or a civilization, when compared with his, is only a moment.”


Any rulers trying to establish their power or their rule, are clearly self-involved, and are willing to place all citizenry at risk, if the this means of sacrifice leads to the end they seek.

Listen to this prescient word on LIBERTY from Lewis:

“The very idea of freedom presupposes some objective moral law which over arches rulers and ruled alike. Subjectivism about values is eternally incomparable with democracy. We and our rulers are of one kind only so long as we are subject to one law. But if there is no Law of Nature, the ethos of any society is the creation of its rulers, educators and conditioners; every creator stands above and outside his own creation.”

girl covering another girls mouth

This reveals much. Much they do not wish you to know and understand.

Remember, our Founders understood these truths, and found them self-evident. They even used the expression Laws of Nature in the Declaration. This Law of Nature refers to God’s will and design, and thus His superior law above all creation of the minds of corrupt men.

So, as we witness rulers, educators, and conditioners (social media influencers and MSM), changing long established Laws of Nature, such as two genders, health is not found in obesity, truths are not subjective, we are witnessing our Enemy twisting America into an unrecognizable cesspool of falsehoods and fickle laws.

Also we are witnessing as Lewis warned, the negative effects of what happens when rulers determine a generation’s ethos (or characteristics and habits). A nation divided against itself.

We all know what Scripture warns concerning a nation divided.

And that is exactly what these enemies want.

When we fight among ourselves about silly issues that were never even issues before, or issues which we have as a nation overcome before, we are distracted. And while we are distracted by these petty issues (of which our rulers do not really care), an illegitimate gov’t illegitimately passes legislation contrary to our established laws and against our profoundly wise Constitution, and against the very Laws of Nature.

If you knew what was really going on, you would understand these claims to be statements of fact.  Most of the bills pushed through our rotten congress have been passed beneath smokescreens and subterfuge. Many of them were forced upon unsuspecting legislators who were not expecting to have to vote on it so suddenly. Most often, those who would vote nay, don’t even have a chance to read through these bills. Some of these godless bills have been pushed through a half-empty congress, or thrust upon senators who have been strong-armed.

The so-called Inflation Reduction Act, is filled with policies that have nothing to do with its alleged purpose, and everything to do with politicians seeking to entrench themselves.

Our Declaration describes a government as deriving its just powers FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.

When was the last time your senator asked for your consent? Do you even know a tenth of what is in these bills? When media tells you that one side is hurting democracy by a filibuster or by voting against a certain bill they are flogging, then you are being decieved.

They are not telling you why one side or the other seeks to prevent the bill. And that is because the bill includes numerous policies which would harm you.

Be informed. Search to read these bills, to see what is truly in them. Check out also

Inform yourself by reading THE PATRIOT RESOLVES, which shows undeniable  evidence of the NAZI pattern our usurpers are following to enact their own global regime.

I know, many of you do not believe people can be so wicked. But let us not forget the concentration camps, those death camps.

Because countries are rebuilding these death camps. Only, they are calling them Health Centers, or Green Centers, or Medical Internment Facilities.

But make no mistake, they are designed to imprison and kill political dissidents, as they might consider us. Just look up Assembly Bill A416.

Canada, Australia and other nations are already building them.

Inform yourself. Unite with other believers. Pray for America. Open the eyes of the blind. Believe.

Resist tyranny. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. And take comfort in knowing that there are more of us than them. You are not alone.

God is always in control, even when our small human minds cannot comprehend this.

beautiful sunny forest path

Being PC: A Parody of Political Correctness

Remember learning pronouns in school? Referring to a boy as ‘he’ or ‘him’? Referring to a girl as ‘she’ or ‘her’?

Yeah, well according to political correctness today, that’s wrong! Now if a woman (‘person who identifies as a female’) wishes, you must refer to her as ‘they’.

Same goes for a man (a person who identifies as a male). Or rather, you must refer to those formerly known as hims or hers but who no longer identify with a gender, as ‘they’, or them.

They even made up a new pronoun to go along with this PC narrative: Xe or Xem.

My latest work explores this and many other hilarious aspects of modern Political Correctness, in BEING PC. Just published, fresh off the press.

Don’t worry snowflakes, it does not mock those struggling with their identity, but rather ‘jabbs’ the narrative pushing such things on us all.

Joe Bloe is a straight white male, who just wants to earn a living. But before he can begin working, Walmartz forces him to endure a series of Equity and InclusionTraining Seminars, where he must do battle with mighty Warriors of Social Justice. Through a grueling ordeal, he discovers he is racist, bigoted, and wrong about nealry everything, which gives him a stomach disorder.

Things get really bamboozling when he encounters a stunning transwoman, a man named Broccoli, fat ‘new beautiful’ persons, and every other PC micro aggression under the sun!

If you’re tired of all the race-baiting and super strange terms like gender fluidity, and want to know you’re not alone in your confusion, follow your average Joe through his epic adventures in POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!


The #1 Way to Write Characters That People Will Adore

It’s a simple trick, and George R. Martin mastered it.

Here is the #1 way to creating a bond between your readers and your characters:

Hurt them.

Pretty simple but Machiavellian, right? Sure, but you have to do it in a slick, almost conniving way, without coming off as manipulative. Of course, there are many ways to make your characters likeable;  give them an endearing trait,  include a physical limitation, write them as sympathetic to certain people (the poor, the afflicted, the voiceless), or make them swashbuckling.

One of the surest ways, however, is to make your characters sympathetic in themselves. Create sympathy for them from your reader. You do this by putting your character through the ringer, hurting them.

In doing this, you basically draw out the humanity from your reader, making them care for your character because they see what he/she is going through.

This is an especially useful writer’s trick when trying to make a villain or anti-hero likable.

One of the best examples I’ve seen of this is Jamie Lannister from The Song of Ice and Fire series. Jamie starts out as a conceited, heartless person. Completely unlikable. He pushes a child out of a window for goodness sake! You can’t get much more slimy and despicable than that.

And yet, eventually, we not only cast aside our hatred of this despicable character, but we are actually starting to like him. In fact, we come to think of him as one of the good guys (there is a second writer’s trick Martin excels at here, and I’ll share that one too).

Martin creates sympathy for Jamie Lannister by hurting him. He gets him captured, and even has another character chop off his hand–his sword hand! Then he goes through despair, torture, agony, and all the while, without you realizing it’s happening, you begin to feel for this attempt child murderer. HURT YOUR DARLINGS (in your stories, not in real life).

The second trick to creating sympathy for any villain, is to put on display an even more inhuman character, place this one in the same room as your first baddie, and showcase the second baddie’s even more villainous traits, making your first seem not so bad after all.

This is what Martin did with Jamie Lannister by displaying Cersei Lannister’s even worse inhumanity insanity.

There you are, a couple of dirty writer’s hacks to making even evil characters likable.

Now go forth and hurt your darlings (in fiction).